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Leadership Sessions for Unit leadership Teams

Asia Pacific - Conversation in pair  Asia Pacific - Members of the CLT Asia Pacific - Table Group
 REAL - Holding the thread REAL - The Centre Piece REAL - Recreation REAL - Bread and Wine  Celebration

Asia Pacific   Malaysia   Sept. 21st – October 2nd

Latin America Mexico  9-20 February

Rimoa Angers 1-15 March

Europe  Angers  16-27 March



Video Europe Leadership Session


  RIMOA- The Isles    RIMOA - Kenya   RIMOA - South Africa
 Europe - Susan Chia and Elaine Basinger  Europe -  Dance  Icone of St John Eudes and St. Mary Euphrasia

North America Caroltton     9-20 April

North America - Conversation North America - Sharing North America - Group Photo


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