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Blessing of the museum by Bishop Emmanuel Delmas

Photos: 1. The members of the association of Friends of the Good Shepherd Museum 2. M. Marc Fardet 3.Srs Noreen et Germaine 4. Sr Magdalena Before the Blessing of the museum, Sister Noreen O’Shea introduced the association of Friends of the Good Shepherd Museum to the participants of the...Read more

A Blessing for the new Leadership Team

New Congregational Leadership Team Sr. Mirian Colala - Ecuador, Sr. Jude Ellen Golumbieski -USA, Sr. Lilly Devasia - India, Sr. Josita Corera - Srilanka, Sr. Bridget Paily - India, Sr. Hanan Youssef - lebanon, Sr. Frances Robinson - Ireland, Sr. Zelna Oosthuizen -South Africa, Sr. M. Susana Franco...Read more


PROLOGUE TO THE CONSTITUTIONS “Where are you going? I suppose to the church to mumble your prayers before the statues; and then you will be highly pleased with yourselves thinking you are very devout. You would do better if you would build a house for these poor girls who will be lost for want of...Read more

Lectio Divina at the Congregational Chapter

Every day before the sessions, the table groups (19) meet together for Lectio Divina, let us listen to some of the participants. A process for group Lectio (pdf) "Starting the day with Lectio Divina in our little group is peacefully dwelling at the Source, it is becoming mindful of what and...Read more

Listeners Group presentation

The spirit is moving among us...the winds of change are blowing strongly at us, compelling us to let go beyond. There is nothing so sacred that we cannot question it. And so we question... if not we…… who? If not now….. when? If not here…. where? What choice for change...Read more

Conversation with Contemplative Sisters

The Contemplative sisters gave a creative presentation on the Contemplative way of life. The presentation was interspersed with reflections questions, role play, explanations of symbols and the singing of the refrain UBI Caritas. The main question was : What does it mean to be Impelled by God’s...Read more

Farewell to Mission Partners

Nine Mission partners see picture (Nancy Fritsche Eagan, Nisansala Perera, Theresa Symons, Hubert Janssen, Cristina Duranti, Catherine Condon, Rhonda Cumberland, Melinda Stricklen and Heidy Hockstatter) representing their respective regions were present for the Congregational Chapter. They...Read more

Pilgrimage to Caen and Celebration of Reunification

It has been nearly one year since the reunification of Our Lady of Charity with Our Lady of Charity of the Good Shepherd. As part of the 30th Congregational Chapter, the Chapter Participants, some of the lay mission partners and a number of sisters from the Motherhouse gathered in Caen for a...Read more

Reflections from Mission Partners

Melinda Stricklen - Mid North America Love overwhelms us and we want to talk something about it! All of history brings us into this moment. There will never be another time like this in the history of the world. As we reflect on the Sacred Heart, the love of God that flows out into our...Read more

Reflections on the conferences of Br. Philip Pinto

Two days with Brother Philip Pinto, cfc From the first conversation, we were warned: "Be attentive to what will disturb you not what could strengthen your certainty” In fact; the experience of these two days was energizing, but also challenging, a real journey of faith in our learning to become...Read more

Sifting & Sorting of all Chapter Matters/ Priorities

Movement Jill, our facilitator helped the participants to reflect on the work of the days and recalled all the presentations and reports. She spoke about the phases of the chapter process. Phase one – Listening ;Establishing the Discerning Community She reminded the participants that it is...Read more

Thanksgiving Ritual for the Outgoing Leadership Team

Each councilor was thanked on behalf of the assembly by two participants.Each one was gifted with a beautiful shawl as a sign of gratitude. We had a beautiful thanksgiving ritual for the Outgoing Leadership Team prepared by the Chapter Planning Committee. Introduction The following reflections and...Read more

The Mission Partnership Conversation

Sr. Patricia presented the agenda of the day which will mainly focus on conversation with our Mission Partners. She quoted Pope Francis «I dream of a « missionary option", that is a missionary impulse capable of transforming everything, We are attentive to the promptings of the Holy Spirit who...Read more