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Blessing of the museum by Bishop Emmanuel Delmas


Photos: 1. The members of the association of Friends of the Good Shepherd Museum 2. M. Marc Fardet  3.Srs Noreen et Germaine 4. Sr Magdalena

 Before the Blessing of the museum, Sister Noreen O’Shea introduced the association of Friends of the Good Shepherd Museum to the participants of the Congregational Chapter.                      

The purpose of the Association is to manage the development and impact of the Museum and to preserve the heritage entrusted to it.

The association consists of 3 Sisters and 7 voluntary members (some connected to the Pelletier, d’Andigné and de Neuville families)

 The Officers elected are :

President: M. Marc Fardet; Vice-President: Sr. Marie Cantegrit; Secretary: M. Gabriel Halligon; Treasurer: M. B. Foulonneau

Sarah Elbisser and the scenographist Sandra Troffigué   gave us a presentation on the progress of the work and the plan of the museum.

 Sister Germaine Rogers from Canada then read Sr Liliane Tauvette’s message

Photos: 1. Sarah Elbisser et la scénographiste Sandra Troffigué  2.Bishop Emmanuel Delmas 3.Sr Hanan, Father  d'Andigné and  sr Anne Joséphine
4. Mgr Emmanuel Delmas begins the blessing of the museum

An Excerpt of Sister Liliane Tauvette's message for the blessing od the museum

“I am pleased to come and join you through this message and participate in the opening of the new Museum of the Mother House. I am happy with the direction taken by the   Congregational Leadership team and the direction of the Motherhouse to transform one of the oldest buildings of the Congregation into a museum with a new reality, building upon the past  to promote the Good Shepherd mission throughout the world. I was amazed by the vision that inspires the scenography of the museum: telling stories, questioning, raising awareness. It is with a certain reserve and humility I have accepted that the Fund to finance the renovation and scenography of the new Museum of the Motherhouse bear my name.”  

Before the end of this meeting, Bishop Emmanuel Demas addressed  the assembly.

Pictures:The blessing of the museum. Click on a picture to enlarge it.