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A Blessing for the new Leadership Team


  New Congregational Leadership Team
Sr. Mirian Colala - Ecuador, Sr. Jude Ellen Golumbieski -USA, Sr. Lilly Devasia - India, Sr. Josita Corera - Srilanka, Sr. Bridget Paily - India, Sr. Hanan Youssef - lebanon,  Sr. Frances Robinson - Ireland, Sr. Zelna Oosthuizen -South Africa, Sr. M. Susana Franco - Paraguay and Sr. Ellen Kelly- Congregational Leader USA

As an introduction, Barbara Beaseley spoke about seeds as we began our celebration for the blessing of the new CLT. She said: "A week ago, we listened to Jesus' words about seeds - about scattering the seeds in hope that they would sprout and grow; how the seed yields its fruit, blade, ear full of grain and then the harvest. The seeds that our new CLT will plant, symbolizes the hope contained in all that has been spoken about and accomplished in this Chapter and all we commit to be together in these next six years.  We have this day and many days to come, to bless and be blessed by the new CLT. In our gratitude, we honor Mary, who bore the seed, in mystery, and brought forth Hope for all in need and Love Incarnate for our world. We return thanks to God the Holy Spirit whose anointing we invoke upon the CLT, upon  all of us, all of creation and especially those to whom we are sent and privileged to represent."

The celebration began with the song Veni Creator Spiritus. A Centre piece was prepared with some soil in a container decorated with different colours.  The outgoing Leadership Team welcomed the new  Team, then Sr Brigid Lawlor gave each team member some seeds. Each  one spoke about their hope and put their seeds in the soil.

           See Video -The seeds

The participants gave their blessing to the new Leadership Team as they said the following prayer.


Leader: Somewhere, out at the edges, the night
Is turning and the waves of darkness
Begin to brighten the shore of dawn

The freed air goes wild with light
The heart fills with fresh bright breath
And thoughts rise to give birth to color.

May You Live Each Day

Compassionate of heart
Clear in word
Gracious in awareness
Courageous in action
Generous in love

May a path of moonlight guide you through the dark
May the protection of those who have gone before us be yours
And may God surround comings and goings
With loving care.



As a conclusion, sisters Sylvia and Sara danced the Magnificat.


Direction Statement

After some discussion and clarifications the Direction Statement of the Chapter  was  voted  on   by  the participants.  There was great joy as the  vote was unanimous. Afterwards the participants were led in a reflection on the Trinity as they made their commitment to the Direction Statement.