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Chapter Introductions



Saturday, 6th June 2015 – Chapter Introductions

  9:30 am        Gather in Chapter Room

                        Welcome and Introductions

10:45 am        Morning Break

11:15 am        Chapter Orientation

12.30 pm        Lunch

   4:00 pm       Tours

   4:30 pm       Rehearsal for Opening Ritual & Eucharist


Sr Anne Dalton from the Chapter Coordination team welcomed the participants and said that it is the first time we have the chapter here in this room (Notre Dame).  She reminded us that participation is vital in our chapter. She presented the facilitator Jill McCorquodale and her co-Facilitator Patty Fawner as well as the resource persons..  

The facilitator then began her introduction and said that it is important to get to know each other very well because we are going to set the directions for the next six years and that we hold a great responsibility. They then dramatized a conversation from The Lord of the Rings and said we cannot begin a journey unless we are connected at the heart.

There followed some ice breakers with specific questions. Music and dance helped us to get to know each other. The reflection questions were:

What is something that is happening in our world or in your life at this time that sets your heart singing?

  • Some points from the sharing
  • Connectedness/ Meeting people again.
  • We see the internationality in this room.
  • How wonderful is it to be here with different nationalities
  • The responses to helping those trafficked.

For what do you weep in our beautiful but broken world?

  • The Christians beheaded just because they are Christians
  • All the very difficult issues people are living with in the midst of war, refugees that are obliged to live their home and die on the journey.
  • The children of Iraq and Syria who died and also all those who have no education.
  • The absence of humanness in our world.
  • Women who have no voice.

You have been granted 5 minutes with Pope Francis, what will you say to him?

  • We love you, you have done very well on the environment, I would like  you to say more on women.
  • Thank you for the year of Consecrated life and your support for religious.
  • We would appreciate making more finances available for helping the needy and requesting accountability ( The Vatican bank is doing well)

John Eudes and Mary Euphrasia were wildly on fire to make a difference! You too have that wild fire! What is the difference you want to make in our world?

  • That every human being feels equal in every sphere.
  • To show that a different way of living is possible
  • We want to live and share compassion and Justice

What does God’s dream, God’s agenda ask of you and this congregation at this Chapter?

  • Asks us to risk.
  • Authenticity, courage, and fidelity to the charism in prayer and action.
  • Listening to the spirit - God is expecting us to be open to break boundaries and borders.
  • This is the time that we are looking into the future as mission partners.
  • Promote Justice and Peace in the world. Be integrated with our Mission Partners.
  • A desire to be open. It is a critical time for the Congregation in setting a focus for the future.
  • Radical reading and living of the Gospel.

God, shod in fire, touches down on the dance floor of earth.  What do you see is your ROLE as you touch down on the Dance Floor of this Chapter?

  • Be open to the Holy Spirit- this is a historical moment in the Congregation
  • We want to listen, to be open and have the courage to speak our truth
  • How can we work for mission in this specific moment?
  • To support the integration of Justice Peace, Mission Development Office, Congregational Spirituality Centre.
  • Let go of our pre-conceived ideas; bring a “new slate”; allow the Holy Spirit to write a new story.

Groups were divided into table groups each table took time to exchange the meaning of their name and together to create a name for the group.


Biography of Jill McCorquodale

Originally trained as a teacher and taught in schools for a few years. Then she studied theology and became founding Director of a Spirituality Centre in Victoria, Australia.

She worked in pastoral planning in the dioceses of Melbourne and Ballarat and with the introduction of the RCIA in Ballarat Diocese. She spent a number of years as Religious Education Advisor for Schools also in Ballarat Diocese. Following this she gained a degree in Spirituality and was trained as a spiritual director. Jill began facilitation in the early 90’s and has continued facilitating Chapters, Diocesan, parish and school staffs and other religious group meetings in Australia and internationally. She does retreat work and spiritual direction and had worked with the Good Shepherd in Australia and beyond since 2002. She was recommended by Bernadette Fox Australia NZ and facilitated the ICAs of Asia Pacific and Europe RIMOA

Patricia Fawkner, sgs

Patty Fawkner is a Sister of the Good Samaritan, the first Congregation of religious women in Australia founded in 1857. The order was founded by the rule and spirituality of St Benedict. Patty has worked in some form of education all her ministerial life as a teacher, principal, religious education consultant and adult educator. Currently she is involved in facilitation work, writing and adult faith formation. She has served two times on the leadership team of the congregation. As a facilitator Patty has worked with congregations in Australia and in the Pacific and has co- facilitated international chapters.

Patty has an abiding interest in questions of justice, spirituality and the emerging field of cosmology. Her formal qualifications are in arts, education, theology and spirituality.

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