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Closing Message of Sr. Brigid - Closing celebration of the Congregational Chapter 2015

 July 2nd 2015

Sr Brigid gave an inspiring closing message. She began her talk with two questions: Have we been energized by the Spirit? Are we prepared to risk together for mission? The assembly responded unanimously YES!
Her message was centered on the Eucharist as a Sacrament of  Evolution.

She recalled the great moments of our chapter:
We are called to embrace a new future that promotes an integrated approach to mission.
 We celebrated in Caen the first anniversary of reunification; we expressed our historical evolution in the prologue to the constitutions which was approved in the chapter.
She recalled the input of Br Philip Pinto on the courage to listen to a God who is speaking to us from the midst of life today.
She quoted Pope Francis in Ladauto si : “In the Eucharist fullness is already achieved, the Eucharist is  the living center of the universe.
She recalled the creative Discernment process to elect our new Leadership Team . Our direction statement points us towards the future

Before closing the chapter Sr Brigid invited Sr Ellen Kelly to say few words to the assembly.

Sr. Brigid invited the sisters to go forth to give witness to being “communion” using our internationality, our global solidarity as Eucharistic people to wake the world.

Sister Brigid Lawlor then declared the chapter closed

After this inspiring and energizing message sisters were invited to take an image of the Spirit from the tree where they had placed it during the opening ritual. Now it will be brought to our place of mission.

Closing message - Complete Click here 

Sisters were invited to take an image of the Spirit from the tree where they had placed it during the opening ritual. Now it will be brought to our place of mission.

Closing Celebration of the Congregational Chapter 2015

The main celebrant for the closing celebration of the chapter was MGR Emmanuel Delmas.  Mass was celebrated in the big chapel.  We were reminded to turn to our logo which we created with seedling plants during the opening celebration. We marveled at how they had grown during the month.

The outgoing CLT and the new CLT entered in procession. The ceremony of affirmation of the new CLT took place at the Offertory.. Sr Brigid called forth the Congregational leader elect, Ellen Kelly.

 She made a profession of faith and fidelity and after this she called forth each team member by name. In groups of three they proclaimed their commitment.(In three different languages)


The new Congregational Leadership Team 

From left to right : Sr. Zelna Oosthuizen -South Africa, Sr. Bridget Paily - India, Sr. Frances Robinson - Ireland, Sr. Hanan Youssef - lebanon, Lilly Devasia - India, Sr. Josita Corera - Srilanka, Sr. M. Susana Franco - Paraguay, Sr. Mirian Colala - Ecuador, Sr. Jude Ellen Golumbieski -USA,  and Sr. Ellen Kelly- Congregational Leader USA

Sr Ellen addressed the assembly : Dear Sisters, we felt the movement of the Spirit impelling us to respond with even greater urgency to the cry of our wounded world.  In response to God's infinite love,let us unite in renewing our vows to our God who is always faithful." and the sisters renewed their vows together.

During the offertory procession the globe, the direction statement and the bread and wine were brought to the altar.

At the end of the Eucharist we took up our plants, walked in procession to the    garden beside the museum where the gardeners helped us to plant them in Logo form.

SistersJude Ellen and Angela brought the heart and the crook and each team member brought a candle   which they placed beside the Logo.