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Conversation with Contemplative Sisters


The Contemplative sisters gave a  creative presentation on the Contemplative way of life. The presentation was interspersed with reflections questions, role play, explanations of symbols  and the singing of the refrain UBI Caritas.

The main question was :  What does it mean to be Impelled by God’s Love?
This was responded to in  several different ways.

We reflected on the different themes

  • Apostolic Incarnational Prayer
  • Community Life
  • Eco-spirituality

Different statements  from the feedback of all of the contemplative sisters to the Theological Reflection were read aloud:

Here is a sample

As a contemplative I am not for myself but for others.  We are sent by the Church through the Congregation to be wounded healers, living an embodied prayer with sisters who share our journey, encouraging one another to follow this mission with fidelity and love at all times, despite the many difficulties.

Our prayer is universal because we bring into our moments of prayer the current reality in which humanity lives, with its joys and sorrows, its goodness and evil.

Like Jesus’ hidden life in Nazareth, apostolic incarnational prayer makes us live in the middle of our own reality, accepting  one another in community, ready to forgive, letting go of one’s own plans and opinions, having an on-going spirit of conversion, humility and simplicity, searching together for a more just and caring society. 


The song Ubi Caritas was sung and played on the guitar by Sr Maria José While other sisters expressed their prayer by a dance.

  Dance                              Enclosure of the heart

 The sisters presented incarnational prayer through a power point and different symbols were brought.

  1.          A Lotus… exposed above the muddy water by giving joy and peace to others
  2.          A River, flowing into the desert land and making it fertile for others            …
  3.          A Sunflower, as the sunflower follows the sun, my soul follows the needy in the world
  4.         A Candle, burning and giving herself to those in darkness


I experience enclosure of the heart when I can call myself back to the silence of the moment and am able to relate to others with attention and compassion.  When I re-focus on Jesus and his dwelling within me, I realize that God’s people are with me too and I am never alone in my intimate moments with the Lord.

Enclosure allows me to suffer with the suffering, weep with those who weep and rejoice with those who desire in their hearts to change their lives.  It leads to respect and love of oneself and others.


A deep sense of gratitude wells up within us … gratitude for our call to live this contemplative life from our vow of zeal.  Our awareness of the primacy of God creates a desire to give our absolute best in witness to the gospel.  We are drawn to the Heart of the Trinity and have a deep desire to remain there.  At the same time, we experience the pain and suffering of the world, and we know that we too share in the sinfulness and violence of the world.   Daily, we are called to conversion and transformation in Christ. 

Impelled by God’s love for all creation, and in union with the heart of Mary, we are moved to reach out and touch the face of God in suffering creation.  Knowing that we are called to experience God in all things and all things in God, we offer the witness of our contemplative lives.  We offer the power of our apostolic incarnational prayer.  We offer a permanent attitude of reconciliation.