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Excerpts of the Conversation with three temporary professed Sisters

 Sister Patricia Fawkner interviewed the three temporary professed sisters ( Sylvia, Estefania and Sara) who represent their regions at the Congregational Chapter.

The first question was:

What were your reactions when you knew you were chosen to represent the Temporary Professed sisters of your region?

 Sarah: I was speechless when Sr Francisca my provincial told me the good news and in my heart I had a deep gratitude to God.

Estefania:  I was surprised, it happened when we were at the Europe Rimoa Ica, there was a vote and the temporary professed present there chose me, I did not think of this, they trusted me and I was surprised  and happy. I feel that I have their trust.

Sylvia: I want to congratulate the sisters of Asia Pacific as they were the ones who brought up this idea. I was delighted to be elected.

What will you say when you report back, what gives you energy?

 Sylvia: I feel the spirit of St M Euphrasia, I see UNITY in DIVERSITY.  What gives me energy is the climate of working together, the openness, the hope that each one has to be able to build the future together. I feel that the spirit of God is present.

Sarah: The same spirit of God gives me energy. For me, my heart and mind has listened to so many things, I think that each one of us if we are passionate about mission then we are incarnated in the life of JESUS.

Estefania: It is the feeling of Internationality and Unity , I met  some sisters for the first time.   It has been very important for me to better understand our spirituality.

What risk have you taken to be here?

Sylvia: I have taken the risk to understand the matter, to be courageous and breathe enough to listen to the inner voice and push myself to speak the truth. I have tried to be  familiar with the sisters who were unknown to me

Estefania: The fact of being here is already a risk, I feel the risk of committing myself with my Congregation even if my contribution is that of a Temporary Professed.   Being here I feel a call to take  the same risk that the Congregation  will decide to take for the next six years

How has your thinking change?

Sarah: I have listened to a new understanding of GOD, HE is beyond my own thinking. This will help me to evolve in my way of understanding GOD, to be able to work in the mission, to experience Who is the God who makes me more human, more sensitive. We have a mission of reconciliation. When I feel the mercy of God in my life, his goodness his love and compassion for me and for all, I feel this call for reconciliation.

Sylvia :  I have grown and  I have a sense of belonging to a wider community. In my sector, we have not known OLC sisters and Eudist Fathers, it was something vague.  Now I know them and I invite them to come to India.  There is no Spirituality gap between the different generations. The inner transformation has energized me and the various reports have broadened my understanding.

What is the hope, what keeps your heart singing?

 Estafania: Something that gives me hope is the feeling I have of openness.
We  are searching together and listening together to God’s will.

  Sylvia: I  hope that  our mission of Reconciliation will be continued because we share our mission with lay partners. They are a resource for vocations and carry our mission from one generation to the other. Our mission of Reconciliation is contagious, it can be carried out very fast .

Sara: This chapter has given me the opportunity to interact with many sisters through sharing and also  having new relationships. I hope to live  happily and as we are loved by God, to  share this love on the margins. I am happy because we are daughters of God. We had a deep reflection  about community life and my own conversion is involved.


What do you have to say to bring this to closure?

Sara: I had a deep feeling in front of SME tomb, she said to me: “Do not be afraid, God is with you, be courageous, abide in God, his strength is much greater?

Estefania: Feeling of inclusion:  I feel included in this historic time.  We are going to pray for you during the time of discernment. Go forward and listen to your heart and God will be there.


After the conversation they distributed a flower for each table and a gift for everyone