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Farewell to Mission Partners


 Nine Mission partners  see picture (Nancy Fritsche Eagan, Nisansala Perera, Theresa Symons, Hubert Janssen, Cristina Duranti,  Catherine Condon, Rhonda Cumberland,  Melinda Stricklen and  Heidy Hockstatter) representing their respective  regions  were present for the Congregational Chapter. They participated actively and brought a precious contribution to the Chapter at all levels. During the Mission Partnership Conversation led by Sr Anne Josephine and Teresa Symons , different mission partners spoke about their experiences and mission and how it developed  in their respective provinces.                                

They also gave their reflections and experiences of being at the chapter. 

Then after twelve days of sharing and being together, we said goodbye to our mission partners during a beautiful celebration prepared by the provinces of Singapore Malaysia, Australia NZ and Aotearoa and Indonesia.

They also surprised us by showing a beautiful Video which expressed their appreciation of having been with us during these past few days.




During the ritual, Teresa Symons addressed the Assembly:

“The last 12 days have been phenomenal for the 9 of us lay mission partners.  It is such a privilege and honour to be part of the discerning process for mission direction at this 30th Congregational Chapter.And yet we know it is  not only about us... it is actually about the voices of all the other lay mission partners from Europe RIMOA, the Americas and Asia Pacific - We have brought to the table of conversation and discernment.  We represent the many staff, volunteers, associates, benefactors and friends who are in mission with each one of you. We thank you for the space that you have given us to speak from our hearts and to share with you our insights, hopes and dreams for the future of this mission that has given much meaning to our lives. 

Sisters, we are your companions and friends who believe in the mission enough to lend our own hands, our own dreams, our very selves - to risk with you, so that together we journey on the road less travelled. As you continue the process of discernment, we pray that the Spirit continues to beckon you at this crossing place - do not look back; go forward so that the future may unfold. It will not be easy for us to leave you but leave you we must.  We would like to leave a part of us with you at the Chapter. Our hearts are open to continue relationships."

Blessing for Mission Partners 

Blessings for the unfolding journey ahead

May the road rise to meet you
May the wind be always at your back
May the sun shine warm upon your face,
and its  rays fall upon your path.

May the dreams you hold dearest
be those which come true
May your life be one of wonder
Full of gladness and health

May you be poor in misfortune and rich in blessings 
as you reach and touch those at the margins.
May the kindness you spread, keep returning to you, 
that you may again breathe it beyond your horizon.

May you be assured that the Spirit of God 
is opening up new pathways and sprinkling blessings upon it.

As you take leave of us and make tracks 
for an unfolding journey that beckons you to go closer to the edge
May the hand of a friend always be near to hold,
 when you most need it.

Held tenderly within the palms of God's hand, 
walk forth then, dear partners in mission, 
with courage and the wisdom drawn
from the learning's that life and creation has bestowed on us.


(Congregational Chapter 2015, Angers, France)

The celebration was followed by a party ( Academy awards) where different prizes were awarded to each one of them.