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Lectio Divina at the Congregational Chapter


 Every day before the sessions, the table groups (19) meet together for Lectio Divina, let us listen to some of the participants.

A process for group Lectio (pdf)


 "Starting the day with Lectio Divina in our little group is peacefully dwelling at the Source, it is becoming mindful of what and especially who we encounter, it is a daily renewal of God’s image and ends accepting Jesus’ invitation to risk for mission."

I feel grateful for having Lectio Divina each morning, sharing deeply with the sisters in the group. It helps me begin the day in a mindful way, peacefully.  I have found this true in the large group as well. There is a sense of unity and togetherness even with all our differences.


With the Lectio Divina, the Lord is taking me day by day to be in touch with the divine who is right within me. Each mission partner’s sharing helps me to live the word of God and it has released and unfolded the energy and vibration among the group.

The Lectio Divina is a personal and community encounter with the living God who dwells in the Word,the God who communicates, who gives himself, who  enlightens, encourages, teaches and challenges us  to  love, to live in fidelity, to transformation, and to  commitment for the Kingdom

Lectio Divina is the meeting of the God of Jesus through his word that enlightens and strengthens our life and  commits us to be living and credible signs of the kingdom in the midst of a world that cries out for justice and life in abundance for everyone.
Luz Maria 

As with the first community, we appreciate sharing the Word of God, it roots us in Christ and creates among us a fraternal bond and an inner joy.

It is a home where I together with my sisters as  we share our life, break the Word of God, celebrate Resurrection as a family, draw strength and in solidarity start our daily journey.

My experience of Lectio Divina: Reading Mt 6: 1-6,16-18

Calling forth for a greater faith
The reading invites  me to reflect more deeply  into the meaning of the word “reward” and my reflection is: Do not let the receiver feel so small at my trumpeting  of  giving service. I am challenged not to look for glory, appreciation and praise for the good work I do.  But the reward I appreciate is when persons whose lives have been touched by my giving /service are transformed and live a dignified human life.
Aruna George

For me, It  is an experience of openness to God's word, listening  and sharing the  wisdom of personal enrichment in the sacred space.