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Listeners Group presentation

The spirit is moving among us...the winds of change are blowing strongly at us, compelling us to let go beyond. 

There is nothing so sacred that we cannot question it.  And so we question...

if not we…… who?    If  not now….. when?  If not here…. where?

What choice for change will we need to make today, for our mission to continue to be relevant and effective today and tomorrow?

Will we let go, will we hold on?  To some of our traditions... practices... structures...rituals...our mindsets, old perspectives, of how we see God...of the need to be in control, of having the power over, of who to include.... of the need to feel secure...

What will we hold on to?  What is it that we must let go of?

Will we be at the centre or will we move to the edge?  What is the risk that we are called to, but dare not take?  

quotes on the 'leaves'

- fear of letting go of what is familiar

- the new will cause chaos and I am not ready to enter into chaos

- daring to speak my truth even if it is difficult and painful... for a shift to happen

- willing to explore even if we do  not know what the future holds]

In the face of the changing and challenging demographics and in this holy time of our diminishment and our lack of capacity, what different choices do we need to make?

Creation is inviting us to participate and co-create with her...not desecrate... Eucharist is calling us to cosmic love...crisis is offering us opportunity

 The earth is groaning with the cries of children, women and whole families afflicted...into right relationships...our resources.. .partners...finances... are much and are in our hands....

To get what we have never had, we must do what we have never done.

What will we hold on to?  What will we let go of?

Listeners group Presentation


The Listeners Group