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The Mission Partnership Conversation

Sr. Patricia presented the agenda of the day which will mainly focus on conversation with our Mission Partners.

She quoted Pope Francis «I dream of a « missionary option", that is a missionary impulse capable of transforming everything,  We are attentive to the promptings of the Holy Spirit who helps us together to read the signs of the time.”  
Then Sr Anne Josephine and Theresa Symons along with other sisters and lay mission partners presented a drama, taking the role of John Eudes, Madeleine Lamy, Count de Neuville, Madame D’Andigné, Mary Euphrasia and other personalities.

Count de Neuville and Mme D'Andigné        Mary Euphrasia and John Eudes 

The purpose was to tell us about the founding vision and the involvement of lay partners from the beginning, to show how lay people were involved in the founding vision in the growth of the mission in Angers and the Generalate.

We heard about the renewal of Consecrated life, the call to holiness of everybody, including the laity.
We then moved to see the evolution of our work with Mission Partners in different Units.

Sr. Anne Josephine Carr interviewed Srs.Florence Kisulu and Magdalena Franciscus  

Sisters giving an account on the evolution of Mission Partnership in their provinces 

Different Mission Partners shared their experiences about co-responsibility in mission then Sr. Jude Ellen spoke about the contemplative mission partners

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   Evolution of the mission partners part I               Part II                           Part III

After this creative drama, sisters were invited to take their discernment guide to work on the questions concerning Mission Partners.
Some Mission Partners came forward to continue sharing their experience after which there was an open dialogue with the assembly.

From left to right: Hubert, Theresa, Heidy and Rhonda



National Day of the Philippines

The liturgy for the mass was prepared by the Province of the Philippines