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From Left to right: Sara Galindo,Sylvia Oliviera and Estefania Aceti

Our hearts are filled with joy and admiration as we walk a path of grace.  We are gathered at the Mother House for the 30th Congregational Chapter of Our Lady of Charity of the Good Shepherd. It is the first time in the history of the Congregation that we, Temporary Professed Sisters have been invited as guests for the Chapter.

The opening day of the ritual was enriching where each one of us was immersed in and became part of the logo as we placed our plants on it in the chapel. The whole process of the Chapter is of growing and moving to the deepest call of mission.


The Province Leaders and participants appreciate our presence and take our views into consideration. It is inclusive, innovative, prayerful and moving as we experience the Holy Spirit within and around us. We feel the presence of Saint Mary Euphrasia and Saint John Eudes who are accompanying us during these days of discernment. We have come here from different parts of the world and yet we have the feeling of oneness and a sense of belonging.

The various reports of the Spirituality Center, MDO, Justice and Peace, the conversation with the Mission Partners, enable us to understand the global mission of our Congregation, and helps us broaden our vision, open our mind for change and to be ready for the new realities.

We cherish the visit to Noirmoutier, where we felt the spirit of Saint Mary Euphrasia moving around us especially when we placed our feet on the soil of the Island. As we made our visit to the Church and the Cave of St. Philibert, the texts which we read during our initial formation, came alive.  We could also imagine the zeal she had and the hard work she did along with her friends, to bring life to that Church which is still there today. We were exited to enter her house where we experienced her Spirit of faith, serenity, love for the mission and love for all of us.

With deep gratitude in our hearts we take this opportunity to thank Sr. Brigid Lawlor and her Team for inviting us to participate in this most important event of our Congregation.

                                                                                                                                                                               Sisters Sara, Silvia and Estefania


The liturgy for the mass was prepared by the province of Ecuador