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Pilgrimage to Caen and Celebration of Reunification



It has been nearly one year since the reunification of Our Lady of Charity with Our Lady of Charity of the Good Shepherd.  As part of the 30th Congregational Chapter, the Chapter Participants, some of the lay mission partners and a number of sisters from the Motherhouse gathered in Caen for a liturgy celebrating this great moment in our history.

Presider  Laurent Tournier, CJM, expressed the sentiments of Jesus that in the same way that John Eudes "marked a connection, not a distinction, by founding the Congregation of Jesus and Mary, not the Congregation of Jesus and of Mary" and he rejoiced with the reunification of the Congregation of Our Lady of Charity of the Good Shepherd, "and not the Congregation of Our Lady of Charity and of the Good Shepherd.


Brigid Lawlor, Congregational Leader, with team members Jude Ellen Golumbieski and Angela Fahey, proclaimed the Prologue to the Constitutions, which outlines the developments over the years of Our Lady of Charity, Our Lady of Charity of the Good Shepherd, and the sisters living a contemplative lifestyle within the congregation.

At the offertory procession, photographs chronicling the Journey of Enrichment were laid before the altar.


Following the liturgy, the participants went by bus to a community center where they enjoyed a wonderful lunch.  Then they went on to the community at Caen, where they had coffee (a choice of Salle de St. Marie Euphrasie and Salle de St. Jean Eudes), visited the museum, and ended the day singing Happy Birthday to Sr. Marie Pierre, on the occasion of her 100th birthday.  Marie Pierre prayed fervently all these years that the congregations would be reunited.

Photo: Left Sr Marie Pierre and Sister Guadalupe  Garcia (Province of Mexico Norte )

Sr. Glynis Mary McManamon - Mid North America  See Icone of Reunification with explanation below
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LIturgy for the mass at CAEN

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  Procession - Mass Caen      Offertorty -   Caen     ​Prologue


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