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Presentation of the CLT Report

The Congregational Leadership Team 2009-2015

Each participant received a white dove and a card with the Chapter report image on one side and the words of the song “Spirit of God” on the reverse side. 

The CLT report was presented in different parts.
During the introduction, Sr. Mirian Colala (piano) and Sr. Maria José (guitar) played the instrumental version of the song “Spirit of God” and each member of the CLT came forward to read their reflections, and then placed the dove representing the Holy Spirit on the tree.

 Reflections of the CLT Members

  1.   On the cosmic journey with the Spirt, may we listen to the sounds of where the congregation is.
      We are drawn by the melody of creation and new life. Flowing from the Gospel song that is unfinished, we come to sing the song of  God’s love.
  •   Beginning with God, flowing outward, alone and together, let us be attuned to the sound of the Spirit.
  •   Graced with the richness of our heritage, the wind of change brings us in God’s unfolding, giving light and life to a new creation.
  •   God is co-creating through us – each one is unique; and together, with a different note, we break forth a new song.
  •   The movement of the Spirit is blowing us towards newness, extending outward, strengthening the process we have begun.
  •   Spirit of God, set our feet firmly on the heart of the matter as we connect the different chapter threads - Hold us together to see anew.
  •   The dandelion speaks of our story today – like the puff balls, the symbol of newness, let us turn toward the new horizon.  
  •   Spirit of transformation, hold us in unity to dare to risk and to go beyond to where we have not been.
  • Let us be in the movement with the Spirit – let us be moved to ‘Go Forward in Mission.’ 

The assembly was then invited to sing the song:
Spirit of God     

Spirit of God at the dawn of creation,
Life-giving, loving, and hovering still,
To you we turn in anticipation:


Fill the earth, bring it to birth and blow where you will.
Blow, blow, blow till I be             
but breath of the Spirit blowing in me

Presentation of the 2009 Chapter Threads 

The second part of the report was presented interspersed with pictures representing the thread presented and questions for reflection were given.

Sr. Brigid addressed the assembly and shared that because everyone has had an opportunity to read the chapter report, this time will be used to highlight the impact of the accomplishments experienced over the years.  After each thread, some questions were raised.  Each participant received a discernment guide to take notes and write comments. There was time for table conversation after several threads were presented.   

Table Group

Afternoon session

After singing the song Spirit of God in three languages, Sr. Susan gave the explanation of the process that was used to develop the Logo of the CLT report.  She invited us to look at the image from where we are, to listen to the image, and to notice that there is a movement in the image.   She said the picture is incomplete because it is a moving picture.  We have to look clearly. The picture also represents our experience.

Sr. Patty then led us in an “imago divina”, a form of lection divina on the CLT image.

Participants were asked to contemplate the image and reflect on the following questions.

  • What attracts you to the image and what does not attract you? Close your eyes and take a closer look?
  • What word do you use to describe this image? Ponder these words, gaze again at the image and take a closer look and come to really know the image?
  • Examine the elements in this image:  lines, texture, pattern, perspectives and the flow?
  • Close your eyes and ask yourself which part of the image recalls the chapter theme? Recall Susan’s description of the image.  Notice what captures your imagination.
  • What part of the image is God’s word for me today; what is God’s word for the Congregation?
  • Who are the people we are called to risk together for mission?

Real people, real situations….
Imagine these persons or situations in front of you, see their faces, their places, how they are living.
Gently breathe in the suffering of these people
Allow God to transform their suffering into healing, sorrow into joy.
Breathe in their pain, breathe out peace.
Include other persons, other situations

  • Breathe out God’s care and wellbeing into the whole world.
  • God has a mission.

Can you hear God asking today what are you going to do to help?

After contemplating the image participants were invited to place their image of the Spirit dove on the trees placed on either side of the hall.
There then followed a conversation in the plenary session with participants expressing their gratitude for all that has happened since the last Chapter and the depth of the Report shared by the CLT. 
The participants began to share ideas of where the Spirit may be calling us and challenging us to go into the future on the various threads presented.
The day ended with a meditative reflection on Our Mission Today as seen in the many photos from the units around the world. 

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The liturgy for the Eucharistic Celebration was prepared by the Province of Italy Malta