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Sifting & Sorting of all Chapter Matters/ Priorities


Jill, our facilitator helped the participants to reflect on the work of the days and recalled all the presentations and reports. She spoke about the phases of the chapter process.

Phase oneListening ;Establishing the Discerning Community

She reminded the participants that it is important to listen with attention and intention and continue to build a discerning community.

Phase 2 - Sifting & Sorting of all Chapter Matters/Priorities

She added that we are sifting and sorting, discerning where we are, being called to address all the issues that have arisen in phase one.

As each person continues to share and listen we begin to clarify to where we are to go.
We listen to the heart beat of the universe.
She invited the participants to take this time to reread the questions in the CLT Report, read recommendations from the other reports, reflect, jot down thoughts and write them in their discernment booklet. 

There was a reminder about the 7 Steps of Dialogue:

  • Radical encountering of Difference
  • Crossing over
  • Letting go and entering the world of the other
  • Being in and experiencing the world of the other
  • Crossing back with expanded vision
  • Experiencing a profound shift within
  • Finding the common ground between many worlds and viewpoints.


  • Priorities from the Icas to the Chapter


The liturgy was prepared by the province of Mexico Norte and Mexico Occidente