In God's hands

This month, on September 27, we commemorate the 31st anniversary of the martyrdom of Sr. Aguchita, who was murdered by the Shining Path terrorist group in La Florida, Peru. In the month before her death, Aguchita was supposed to go to Lima for a cataract operation. However, she decided that it was best to remain in La Florida and informed the Province Leader Sr. Delia by return letter of her intentions, dated September 8, as follows:

Many thanks for all your kindness and concern. It is truly a joy to receive your letter; it encourages me to continue my work. I have received so much to fulfill my vocation. I am grateful for your invitation to go to Lima. I would greatly love to, but it would interrupt my work, and besides, I'm not too bad. We've remained close to Jesus for him to take care of things here while I do what I need to. In spiritual matters, I am making enormous strides; it is as if these were the last days of my life. Time is flying, so I must make the most of it; otherwise, I would present myself in eternity with empty hands. Bad news: Shining Path terrorists have returned, declaring La Florida a liberated zone. They left two dead during this recent visit. We entrust ourselves to your prayers. We're in God's hands.

Aguchita was fully aware of the dangers that lay around her in La Florida; she knew that she too could face the untimely and horrific death that some of her 'flock' had already endured. However, she did not flinch and remained steadfast in her vocation and her mission, trusting in God to the end. As we journey with Aguchita during these weeks leading up to her death, spend some time in reflection. Try to enter into her emotions: how did she feel? What can you learn from her placing of self steadfastly in God's hands?