Who are we?

Mission of Safeguarding (Policy)

The Congregation is committed to enabling positive change and to protect and promote the fundamental human rights of girls, women and children.We are committed to providing an environment that serves the best interests and developmental needs of children and person/s in vulnerable situation/s.

We strive for the highest standards of professional care and adherence to the principles of the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child (UNCRC), Universal Declaration of Human Rights (UDHR) as well as Congregational guiding principles through its charism and spirit.All sisters and associated people of the Congregation are required to abide by these standards.


  • Congregation Safeguarding Committee

  • Congregation Safeguarding Team

  • Safeguarding Team in Global map

  • Sandra:   Green - Ireland, Great Britain (England-Scotland-Wales), Germany, Italy-Malta, Austria-Switzerland-Czech, Central South US, Mid- North America, New York-Toronto, Eastern Central Africa (Kenya, Uganda, Democratic Republic of Congo), South Africa.
  • Jane: Blue - East Asia (Myanmar, Cambodia, Thailand, Vietnam), Singapore- Malaysia, Indonesia, North East Asia (China, Hong Kong, South Korea, Taiwan, Macau).
  • Arlene: Yellow – Australia/Aotearoa-New Zealand, South West India, Central East India-Nepal, Sri Lanka-Pakistan, Philippines-Japan.
  • Carolina: Purple - Sudeste America Latina (Paraguay), Centro America (Costa Rica, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, Nicaragua, Panama, Puerto Rico), Spain, Peru, Ecuador, Argentina-Uruguay, Mexico, Bolivia -Chile,Colombia-Venezuela.
  • Samar: Red - Lebanon-Syria, Egypt-Sudan-South Sudan, Burkina Faso, Senegal, The Isles (Madagascar, Mauritius, Reunion) Europe BFMN (France, Netherlands, Belgium, Hungry) Canada (Montreal)
  • Bernardino: Orange - Portugal, Sudeste America Latina (Brazil), Angola-Moçambique





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File 10.1 Recruitment Checklist for Personnel File_EN.docx Microsoft Office document icon 10.1.1 Recruitment and Selection_EN.doc
Microsoft Office document icon 10.1.1A. Agreement form for All Personnel_EN.doc File 10.1.1B. Request for Character & Reference Form_EN.docx
File 10.2 Guidance on Code of Conduct_EN.docx File 10.3 Guidance on Conducting Training Needs Analysis_EN.docx
File 10.3A. Training attendance list_EN.docx File 10.3B. Group attendance register_EN.docx
File 10.3C. Training Attendance Record_EN.docx File 10.3D. Template Safeguarding Training Report_EN.docx
File 10.3E. Evaluation_EN.docx File 10.4. Guidance on Assessing risks_EN.docx
File 10.4A. Guidance on Safe Activities_EN.docx Microsoft Office document icon 10.4B. Guidance on Trips Away with Young People_EN.doc
Microsoft Office document icon 10.4C. Accident and Incident Management Form_EN.doc File 10.5 Guidance on use of technology_EN.docx
Microsoft Office document icon 10.5A. Media Permission Form- Child_EN.doc Microsoft Office document icon 10.5B. Media Permission Form- Adult_EN.doc
File 10.6 Guidance on Confidentiality_EN.docx File 10.6B. Guidance on Anti-Bullying_EN.docx
File 10.6C. Confidentiality Declaration_EN.docx Microsoft Office document icon 10.6D. Declaration Form_EN.doc