The spirituality of our Congregation is centered on the Gospel values expressed in the person of Jesus who described himself as one sent to bring good news to the poor, to free the oppressed, and to proclaim the goodness of God. Jesus also describes himself as a “good shepherd,” who comes to bring life in abundance to all.

For close to 400 hundred years the members of the congregation and its partners, inspired by St John Eudes and St Mary Euphrasia Pelletier, have expressed our spiritual commitment through contemplative prayer and active ministries in a mission that seeks to improve the well-being of the most vulnerable.  Responding to social conditions that cry out for mercy and reconciliation we express special concern for the needs of women and girls who remain among the most exposed to personal and social risks. We believe in a creative Spirit that is constantly renewing the universe, strengthening hope in the face of all that is destructive.

Through daily relationships in community and ministry, we ourselves learn and grow in a love characterized by tenderness and compassion. We nurture our spirits through developing a contemplative attitude capable of listening to God’s voice in our lives, and of discovering the human face of Jesus in each person, particularly in those who are most vulnerable.

We believe that God’s energizing spirit is at work in and through us as we participate in and contribute to the transformation of creation.

We collaborate with all people of goodwill to work to bring about change in whatever deprives persons and creation of dignity and worth.   


To be a reconciling Presence of Jesus the Good Shepherd by empowering lives, restoring rights and upholding dignity

The Mission of our congregation is to be a presence of Jesus the Good Shepherd in the world by,

  • Affirming the dignity of all people and creation
  • Being in solidarity to Christ present in people marginalized by poverty and injustice
  • Confronting oppressive and unjust structures and systems
  • Creating life-giving communities of welcome and inclusion.


By the public profession of our vows, we dedicate ourselves completely to continue the work of God’s mercy as revealed in the mission of Jesus.

Evangelical Poverty

In living poverty, we commit ourselves to living in solidarity with and in service to those at the margins. This challenges us to be responsible and generous in the sharing of resources. It moves us to go beyond our comfort zone to take risks in living the mission trusting in God’s providence.

We witness to a counter-cultural presence of hope and a joyful proclamation of the gospel by living a simple lifestyle, upholding the dignity of labor, sharing resources, being available with our time and talents and committing ourselves to a respectful care of creation.

Consecrated Celibacy

We commit ourselves to a celibate way of life. Moved by the loving energy of the Spirit, we offer a total gift of ourselves to God.  In nurturing life, we create sacred spaces of conversation that build right relationships, friendships, mutuality and inclusion in communities, ministries and society.

We witness to an alternative reality of self-giving love, living a balanced life, believing in the potential of each person for growth.  We commit ourselves to bringing forth new life, as we reach out beyond boundaries which exclude us from one another. We embrace all in our multi-cultural world with a compassionate and reconciling love.

Prophetic Obedience

In living Obedience, we commit ourselves to listening, with an open and discerning heart, to the Spirit within us, as we participate in being co-responsible for the life of the mission of the Congregation in the context of the signs of the times.

We witness to an alternative reality of a faith response by committing ourselves with joyful hope and an inner freedom to engage in collaboration, consultation, dialogue, discernment and decision-making for mission. 

Apostolic Zeal

By the vow of Zeal, we commit ourselves to respond with the tenderness of God’s Heart to the cries of our world today, particularly to those who are devalued in our society. In loving response to those who are struggling to rise beyond their painful situations, we steadfastly accompany them in hope.

We witness to an alternative reality by radically committing ourselves to a life of prayer and to live justly and in solidarity with those who live in situations of poverty. We collaborate and network, both locally and internationally, to bring about a more equitable distribution of the world’s resources.

Apostolic lifestyle

As apostolic sisters we live our mission of reconciliation, empowering lives, restoring rights and upholding dignity through active ministry.  We address the pressing global and local needs of today through relationship-based programs that address the needs and aspirations of persons and communities

Contemplative lifestyle

As contemplative sisters we witness to the absolute primacy of God and seek to be a means of reconciliation by our prayer, faithfulness to the Gospel, solitude and silence.  We hold in prayer the whole universe and support the endeavors of our sisters who are engaged in the active ministry of reconciliation.

Mission Partners

We are engaged in full partnership with those who choose to accept co-responsibility and work collaboratively for the development, effectiveness and sustainability of the mission.  Mission Partners include Sisters, coworkers, Associates, employees, staff, volunteers, benefactors, board members, companions and friends of the Sisters – who share a love and a passion for the mission in the service of others.  We inspire and support each other.