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International Mother Earth Day is celebrated each year to remind us that the earth and its ecosystems provide us with life and sustenance. On April 23 rd , the International Community organized an earth commemorative ceremony. We gathered with 25 Sisters from the communities of Agapè, Magdala and St Pierre. The ritual took place around an olive tree in the gardens of the Motherhouse. We were accompanied by singing about the Creation, praising God for Its marvels. In the middle of the ceremony, each Sister incensed alternately the tree in order to signify that earth is sacred and to thank her... more
“When the Church speaks, I believe her just as if the Christ himself has spoken” Pope Pius XII by his words bestowed on Mary of St. Euphrasia Pelletier the imperishable crown of sainthood. “This strong woman who in spite of great difficulties succeeded in founding marvelous works for the glory of God and the salvation of souls has the right and the merit to be inscribed among the heroes of the Christian Religion.” (APOSTOLIC ACTS OF POPE PIUS XII)more
The Foundation of the Congregation of Jesus and Mary (Eudistes) the 25th of March 1643 John Eudes, a man who gives praise to the Lord for graces received wrote the following at an important time of his life: “In the year 1643 Our Lord and His most Holy Mother granted, us the grace to begin the establishment of our little Congregation on March 25th, the day on which the Son of God was made man and the Blessed Virgin became the Mother of God.” Hail Mary, Mother of God the Son!more
On Thursday March 8 th 2018, for the International Women’s Day and to respond to the call of the CLT, the Congregational Spirituality Centre organized the projection of the movie “ Mahila – A women’s Movement Rising ”. This 30 minutes documentary produced by the Good Shepherd International Foundation (GSIF) tells us the story of three Indian women rising out of poverty and discrimination with the support of a Good Shepherd project. The film has been projected for around 60 people, sisters of the site and friends of the Congregation. It has been followed by a time of sharing and reflection... more
This year, for the third time, the Motherhouse of the Congregation opened its doors for the annual “Made in Angers” experience. This event organized by Angers Loire Metropole gives the people of Angers the opportunity to visit firms which are part of the local economy or heritage. On February 27 th , March 2 nd , 6 th and 9 th , 4 groups visited the Motherhouse and its significant places: the Chapel, the tunnel, the labyrinth, etc. One of the groups also had the opportunity to listen to an organ demonstration in the Chapel. In total, 60 people came for the 4 visits, a participation lesser... more
In order to celebrate together the 150 th anniversary of the death of St. Mary Euphrasia Pelletier , to get to know better this remarkable woman, foundress of the Congregation of Our Lady of Charity of the Good Shepherd , who was one of the Saints of Anjou who marked the 19 th century, the Spirituality Centre offers two days of discoveries, encounters and sharing with the Sisters of the Congregation. Saturday April 21 st 2018 4pm : Organ, choral concert and poetry in t he Chape l of the Good Shepherd followed by a time of sharing with the Sisters with a friendship drink. Sunday April 22 nd... more
On the 8th of February, 1648, St. Jean Eudes celebrated for the first time the liturgical feast of the Heart of Mary in Autun, France. The Sisters of Our Lady of Charity of the Good Shepherd celebrate this feast as a sign of their faithfulness to the words of St. Jean Eudes, “you have but one and the same vocation with the Mother of God.” The Heart of Mary, a marvellous fountain: « Come to me all you who are burdened tired and thirsty along life’s path laden with toil and pain. Come to me here at the fountain, that is to say, not to Jacob’s well but to the Heart of my most worthy Mother,... more
90 Anniversary: Easter of Mother Saint Agustín Fernández Concha. January 13, 1928 "Angers is my country" “I spent 110days with St. Euphrasia. My contacts with her during the day, in the dining room, at recreation were very sisterly. We met in the morning and we crossed each other often as her room was not far from mine. I left the door opened so that I could see her pass to the choir and participate in Holy Communion.” It was 110 days of renewal, spiritual growth and a growing affection for the handmaid of the God as she liked to call herself. At the same time love for the Congregation grew... more
On Sunday December 17 th , as part of the exhibition “Cribs of the world” linked with the theme “The Migrants” and for International Migrants Day, the Congregational Spirituality Centre put on the movie “C’est comma ça” (“That’s how it is”) in the Motherhouse and opened the event to the public. This movie produced by Julien Aouidad shows the history of immigration to Angers in the 1960’s-1980’s, with testimonies of people coming from Maghreb, Turkey, Argentina, Portugal and Cambodia, who left their country to come and live in Angers. Following the 70 minutes movie, there was an interesting... more
The 376 th anniversary of the foundation of The congregation of our lady of charity by Saint John Eudes 25th november 1641 – 2017 We share what the Annals from Caen writes about the beginning of the Congregation: The Divine Providence has the time and the moments to accomplish its Works: from all eternity the city of Caen was chosen to be the place where our Institute began and to accomplish the Project of Reverend Father John Eudes, priest and missionary, Founder of the Congregation of the seminaries of Jesus and Mary. His life is well known although not yet written but very well known in... more