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Come to visit the exhibition « Cribs of the world » From December 1 st 2017 to January 14 th 2018 In the Good Shepherd Museum of Angers The Congregation of our Lady of Charity of the Good Shepherd is an international Congregation of Sisters spread across all 5 continents in more than 70 countries. As is the custom every year, the International Community at the Motherhouse in Angers displays cribs given by communities from different countries. This year, this exhibition of more than 50 cribs, will take place in the Good Shepherd Museum and is linked with the theme: “the Migrants”. This topic,... more
“Before I formed you in the womb I knew you; before you came to birth I consecrated you” Jer 1:5 416 th anniversary of the birth of St. John Eudes! 1601-2017 God, my Creator, you gave me life To use in you service. That is why I offer it to you and consecrate It entirely to you. I no longer want to live save to serve you With all the love you expect from me. Amenmore
How great is your Creation! Recently, dear daughters, Mother Church put the following words on the lips of the faithful: 'The Lord is admirable in his works and in his Saints." (cf. Ps. 67:36) And only yesterday I read a book entitled: Acts of Love and Adoration by St. Teresa in praise of God's works and of the miracles worked by grace in his saints. Like her, haven't we often been lost in admiration at what comes from the Creator's hand? The majestic sights of nature, the sky, the variety of growing things, the diversity of animals and the marvel of their being. Then there is the art and... more
27 years ago, Maria Agustina Rivas Lopez, RGS, died a martyr. A woman with a Shepherd’s heart. June 13 th 1920 – September 27 th 1990 Agustina grew up in a loving family atmosphere. At home, she learned about Christ’s love for the poor. She entered the Congregation of Our Lady of Charity of the Good Shepherd in 1942. In October the same year she started her novitiate and received the name of Sister Mary Agustina. On February 8 th , feast of the Heart of Mary, she made her first profession. “You must be martyred by a continual martyrdom of sacrifice and work.” M.E Conf. 63 She lived this... more
Throughout France, about 17 000 monuments opened their doors last week-end for the 34 th edition of European Heritage Days on the theme “Youth and Heritage”. This year, the Congregation of our Lady of Charity of the Good Shepherd in collaboration with the Province BFMN offered different visits to help people discover the history, spirituality and mission of the Congregation. On 16 th and 17 th September, 470 visitors (30% more than in 2016!), discovered the Motherhouse site by visiting its main places of interest: the Chapel, the Museum and the St Nicholas Abbey. The clement weather enabled... more
200 th anniversary of the first vows of St. Mary Eufrasia in Our lady of Charity in Tours 1817-2017 150th anniversary of her Golden Jubilee in Angers 1867-2017 Last Friday, 8 th November 2017, around sixty people: Sisters, Mission Partners, Associates and Friends of the Congregation, gathered in the Motherhouse to celebrate the 200 th anniversary of the first vows of St. Mary Eufrasia in Our lady of Charity in Tours and the 150 th anniversary of her Golden Jubilee in Angers. St. Mary Euphrasia and Sr. M. Agustin Fernandez Concha were at the heart of the celebration. They were represented by... more
A pastor after God’s Heart What is a pastor after God’s heart? “He is a living image of Christ in this world, the Christ who watched, prayed, preached, catechized, worked, went from town to town and village to village, suffering, agonizing, dying and sacrificing himself for the salvation of all the souls created in his image and likeness.” Saint John Eudes pray for us!more
In May and June 2017, almost 50 Sisters and Mission Partners of the Congregation, from 13 countries (Australia, Chile, Egypt, France, Honduras, India, Indonesia, Madagascar, Philippines, Puerto Rico, Singapore, Sri Lanka and USA), participated in the new 10 day spiritual session, organized by the Congregational Spirituality Centre on the theme “Deepening our identity together”. The session is a new experience developed by the Congregational Spirituality Centre team. It is a 10 day spiritual reflection based on individual and congregational stories, using pilgrimages and the museum to deepen... more
Birth certificate of Rose Virginie Pelletier (1796) Today thirteenth Thermidor of the fourth year of the one and indivisible French Republic [31st July 1796] in our presence Pierre Louis Le Breton President of the city administration of the cantonal capital of Noirmoutier department of Vendée being is the ordinary place of our sessions, a child was presented to us who has been recognized of the female sex according to the declaration that was made to us by Jeanne Neau widow Dupont living in the de la salle [district] and who was given the name of Rose Virginie, daughter of the citizen Julien... more
My Beloved lifts up his voice, he says to me, "Come then, my love, my lovely one, come. For see, winter is past. Sg.2, 10 St. Mary Magdalen sinned much. One could, however, believe that in the eyes of God, she was less to blame than many, because she had not yet been enlightened by the Gospel truths. What an account we shall have to give for the many great graces we have received! Conf. 59 Mary Magdalen, faithful woman, pray for us.more