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“I was 7 or 8 years old when the image of the Sacred Heart in union with the Blessed Sacrament was engraved in my heart.” She was torn between contemplation and action. When she was 15, this sentence from a preaching changed her life: “We must belong entirely to God”.more
“I knew that Jesus Christ loved me; I knew it in the story of my life” Born in 1834 in Castelnaudary, France, Marie Thérèse de Soubiran is the foundress of the Congregation of Mary Auxiliatrix “for the greater glory of God”. However, she was supplanted and disowned by her own institution. In 1874, she was received at Our Lady of Charity in Paris. She remained there, unknown, until her death (1889). In 1879, she wrote: “Now, in the oblivion, inactivity, the most complete nullity, I shall be passionate about Our Lord Himself.”more
92 nd anniversary of the canonization of Saint John Eudes May 31 st 1925 – May 31 st 2017 “Just as the members are animated by the spirit of the head and live of the same life, so too must we be animated by the spirit of Jesus, live of his life, walk in his ways, be clothed with his sentiments and inclinations, perform all our actions with the same dispositions and intentions with which he acted. In a word, we must continue and fulfill the life, religion and devotion which he had on earth.” (S.J.E, The Kingdom of Jesus , Part 2, p.2, O.C. 1, 161-166)more
After one month closed to the public, the Good Shepherd Museum celebrated its reopening last Sunday 2 nd April with a particular event: “Museum, poetry & organ”. Following the Angevine week devoted to poetry “Le Printemps des poètes” with the theme of Africa, the Congregation invited the visitors to discover some parts of the Museum, for this special afternoon, in the company of three poets from Angers, on the theme “Beyond Borders”. This poetic stroll concluded with a grande finale in the Good Shepherd Chapel with poetry reading accompanied by organ music. The event, which gathered... more
(Eudists) – March 25 th 1643 Passing on the torch! With all my will, I abandon myself to the incomprehensible love of Jesus and Mary who gave me their loving Heart in a special way. United with this love, I give this same Heart, as it is something which belongs to me and which I can use for the glory of my God, to the little Congregation of Jesus and Mary. I leave it to be the inheritance, the treasure, the principal guide, the heart, the life and the model of the true children of this Congregation.more
This year, for the second time, the Motherhouse of the Congregation opened its doors for the annual “Made in Angers” experience. This event organized by Angers Loire Metropole gives the people of Angers the opportunity to visit firms which are part of the local economy or heritage. On February 14 th , 17 th , 21 st and 24 th , 4 groups of 20 people visited the Motherhouse and its significant places: the Chapel, the tunnel, the labyrinth, etc. The Good Shepherd Guesthouse also offered the participants a chance to discover a meeting room and a bedroom to get some ideas for short breaks,... more
February 12 th 2017 marks the centenary of the birth of Father Joseph Wresinski. Joseph Wresinski was born on February 12th 1917 in a very poor family living in St. Jacques Street, very close to the Congregation Our Lady of Charity of the Good Shepherd. He was an altarboy at the Motherhouse during his childhood. Later, with the help of the family of one of the sisters he went on to study for the priesthood. In 1957, he created the international movement ATD Fourth World, which is playing a leading part in the fight against poverty all around the world. In order to celebrate this generous man... more
Do you not know that it is Jesus who has made the Heart of Mary what it is, And who wished to make it A fountain of light Of consolation, Of every kind of grace, For all those who turn to her in their need? O Mother of Marcy, comforter of the afflicted, show that you are truly Mother of Mercy. O most merciful Mary, let us experience your compassion. Our Heritage Congregation of Our Lady of Charity of the Good Shepherd Spirituality Commission – May 1990more
The much awaited inauguration of the new Good Shepherd Museum in the Mother House took place on Monday 30 th May. It is the culmination of almost 5years intensive work by the Heritage Committee. More than 210 guests attended this event. Between 4pm and 5pm they had an opportunity to make a short tour of the Museum. This was followed by the official inauguration speeches in the Main Chapel. Sr. Ellen Kelly, Congregational leader, Sr. Magdalena Franciscus, Provincial Superior of Europe BFMN, Marc Fardet, President of the Association of the Friends of the Museum and great-great-grand-nephew of... more