A message from GSIF’s President

With great joy and gratitude, the Good Shepherd International Foundation celebrated its 10th anniversary in April 2018.
Words frequently used by guests invited to the event to describe the accomplishments of GSIF were “amazement”, “admiration” and “awe” in recognition of the growth, creativity and outstanding results from projects supported by GSIF over the last ten years.
The universal vision and love of the founder of the Sisters of Our Lady of Charity of the Good Shepherd have inspired GSIF to reach beyond borders that keep us separated, to embrace changes necessary for the growth of women and children, and to empower and strengthen communities. GSIF participates in and has created partnerships to have a more effective voice in the global arena and to actualize the vision of a world where women and children can live in safety, grow to their full potential and contribute to the well-being of their communities.
It gives me great pleasure, on behalf of GSIF’s Board of Directors, to present the 2018 Annual Report. The high level of excellence evidenced in the local projects reflects the work of many people and groups. Blessings and gratitude to all those who, through
their commitment and generosity, have made the work of the last ten years possible.


Sr. Elaine Basinger
President of the Good Shepherd International Foundation