Contemplative CLT Report and the Cosmic Universal Christ

2021 Congregational Assembly of Contemplative Sisters (CACS):

The three Contemplative Sisters who are part of the Congregational Leadership Team, Sisters Jude Ellen Golumbieski, Mirian Colon and Lilly Davasia (main picture), presented their report that highlighted the essential elements of contemplative life on Day 3. They specifically challenged participants to develop a spirit and atmosphere that fosters inner freedom where all can participate in spiritual leadership and responsibility. Addressing the need for continued and on-going formation, these CLT members highlighted that such formation assists each sister to strive for an open mind, open heart and open will so that each one can become her very best self in order to observe, consider and contemplate the presence of God in people, in history and in events – essential elements of contemplative life that are lived in community. As part of an international Congregation, participants also focused on how the element of internationality has impacted both their prayer and community life, either when hosting Sisters from other countries or being a Sister who has had an opportunity to live with a community in another country. 


During the second session of Day 3 and continuing into today, Day 4, the focus has been on the theology of the cosmic, universal Christ, a profound mystery of faith – that all of creation is the incarnate body of Christ. God's invisible qualities are revealed in creation. Participants reflected on God's plan that in and through the expansion, evolution and unfolding of the Universe, humankind would emerge bearing the very image and likeness of God's own self and how this might affect them in living their contemplative life into the future. They also reflected on the Paschal Mystery being at work at every level of the Universe and the implications of this on their prayer life. The closing prayer period included reminders of God at work in creatures, nature and people in the Universe. It was another profound day.


November 04, 2021