Conversations with Br. Philip Pinto, cfc



Webinar #1 – 12th May 2020



Dear Sisters, Partners in Mission, and Friends,


Thank you to all those who participated in the first webinar of Conversations with Br. Philip Pinto.

Wasn’t Brother Pinto inspirational, challenging, and re-assuring!  This virus is not our enemy, but this “stranger” trying to teach us another way of living life…

Do you know that nearly 500 of us gathered around communities either alone or in our small community groupings getting used to a new way of being together and to a new communication technology. 

We apologise again to our Spanish, French, and Italian speakers for our difficulties at the beginning and that you missed out on the translation.  We are confident this is fixed now, there should be no translation challenges for the next webinar.

The webinar was recorded and you can listen again to Br. Pinto – and in all the languages.  This is the link to use: 







We are happy to send you some questions for reflection, prepared by Br. Pinto along with two other resources: a Prayer Reflection by Brigid Lawlor and some Art work by Paula Sgherza, Mission Partner. Paula very succinctly gives her highlights of our webinar; this is available only in English. We look forward to being with you again next week on 19th May 2020.



As you spend time in lockdown, how are you feeling? [Get in touch with your feelings and try to identify them. Remember, feelings are neither good nor bad, but express how you are at present.] Write this down.


  1. What are you learning about yourself in this time of enforced solitude and inactivity? Does any of this learning about yourself surprise you? Why? Write this down.
  2. What are you discovering about your community at this time? Does anything here surprise you? Why? Write this down.
  3. What is draining your energy at this time? Why is this? Write this down.
  4. What is giving you energy? What do you find helpful? Why is this? Write it down.