The cribs of the world at the Motherhouse, against all odds!

The Spirituality Centre was keen to organize its traditional exhibition of cribs of the world in spite of the health context. It should have opened on 29th November, but due to the government announcements and the closure of the cultural sites, we were not able to welcome the public. However, the Sisters and staff on the site of the Mother House as well as some friends did visit it, adding up to around 200 people, until the end of January.

This year the exhibition was centered on the theme “A new world is rising”, echoing the pandemic, as well as the fraternity and the solidarity between peoples that was awakened during this unprecedented time we are going through.  Thanks to all the Provinces in the Congregation who responded to our appeal we were able to display numerous photos illustrating the actions carried out during this difficult time by the Sisters and Mission Partners: making masks, distributing food, helping the vulnerable, etc.

Contrary to what had been done in previous years, the choice was made to group the cribs by continent, in a path going from the cloisters to the ground floor of the Museum. Special care was devoted to the spacing of the cribs, in order to bring out the specificity of each and also to respect social distancing. A video at the end of the visit went back to the theme and encouraged all to live in hope during this difficult period.

Alongside the cribs of the Congregation, we were fortunate to display for the first time 17 cribs lent to us by Father Joseph Galerne. These picturesque cribs from several European countries come from his large collection of more than 2500 cribs of the world in Lignol in Brittany.

It has been a very special edition and we were glad that the Congregation and its Angevine network were able to enjoy it. We hope that the next exhibition will once again enable us to welcome visitors of all ages!