Deepening our identity together May 29th to June 9th 2018

Deepening our identity together
from May 29th to June 9th 2018



This session brought together 12 sisters and one mission partner for the whole session. Two sisters from the community of St. Peter that resides in the Mother House joined the group for the last four days of retreat. There were 11 English speaking sisters coming from India (2), Sri Lanka(7) and South Korea(2); 2 French speaking participants, 1 sister from Canada and one mission partner from Angers.

The first five days were consecrated to St. John Eudes and St. M. Euphrasia. This included 3 pilgrimages, Caen, Noirmoutier, Tours and a guided tour of the mother House. With the help of inputs and visits to the museum before the pilgrimages the participants were motivated to live a spiritual experience in the footsteps of our founders, to discover how the charism developed from the 17th century right up to present times. The sixth day was a free day.

The last four days were spent in a retreat atmosphere to help the participants assimilate, reflect and pray so as to live our spirituality authentically in our world today and be challenged with hopes for the future. The labyrinth and the tunnel experience were tools to help each person to deepen this experience according to each one’s sensibility. The themes were Who am I today?, Mission and Zeal, the cries of the world and how we can risk together for the mission.

The last day coincided with the Feast of the Sacred Heart and in a meaningful liturgy we renewed our vows and the celebration terminated by a sending ceremony of the participants through the green door to go and spread the Zeal for the mission that was kindled in their hearts.

The evaluation of the participants was very positive and in it they mentioned their appreciation of the welcome ceremony, deepening of their personal identity, the continuity and the expansion of the mission begun in the 17th century and its relevance in the world today, and the challenge of risk in living out our mission. A good number of participants expressed the desire to extend the session to 12 days.