Engagement with Mission Partners and Listening to the Spirit

2021 Congregational Assembly of Contemplative Sisters (CACS):

Opening our first session today, the prayer period centered participants on the sower and the seed and how, when being on good soil, growth flourishes. This set the tone for focusing on the relationships between members of the Congregation and our partners in mission.  Four of these partners, Lucrecia Loaiza from the Province of Central America, Gisella Zapata from Peru, Edmond Mariaraj from Sri Lanka/Pakistan and Lealcy Catao from South East Latin America (main picture), have been participating in this Assembly. Each spoke about their partnership experience and its impact on their life. Following these presentations, participants focused on identifying effective partnership relations and what is needed by our mission partners to sustain and deepen their commitment. Both the need for formation as well as having an across-the-congregation definition and understanding of what it means to be a partner in mission were clearly indicated as essential for both the contemplative and apostolic Sisters to address further at Chapter.


The afternoon session of the Assembly was limited to delegates, ex-officio members and only guests who had indicated a willingness for consideration as a Chapter delegate. This session had some time for brief comments from the possible delegates and prayer time for beginning the discernment process.


November 06, 2021