Gratitude to Marta Iris López Castillo


The GSIJP Office expresses its gratitude to Marta Iris López Castillo, the outgoing NGO Regional Designate for Latin America and the Caribbean, who served faithfully from 2011 to 2018. Marta Iris contributed substantively and made a lasting impact at the regional and global level. We recognize and are grateful for her engagement in regional meetings, her efforts to integrate local sisters, her work on social protection and gender issues, and her fruitful partnership with Heidy Hochstatter and the Regional MDO in Latin America. We are grateful to the Provinces of Bolivia/Chile and Southeast Latin America for their hospitality, and to Central America, Marta Iris' home province. We wish Marta Iris well as she continues her studies towards her Masters in Gender, Society & Politics from the Latin American School of Social Sciences. We also welcome incoming NGO Regional Designate Erika Patricia Sanchez Valdez, and acknowledge the REAL Circle of Leaders from their support of this position.