Great missionary zeal

For a period of time, the congregation was present in Algeria.  Recently, we received from S. Aline Séguin, a sister in Canada and former missionary to Algeria, copies of correspondence that she had written back to her province in the 1970’s.  With her permission, we share these letters with you.  They reflect the great missionary zeal and deep commitment of our sisters to the Algerian people and a renewed sense of Church and religious life identity as they faced great cultural, political, and religious identity changes.

The personal experience, questions, and transformation of these sisters has the potential: to raise our own consciousness in our search to broaden our appreciation for the religious identity of others, to discover the meaning of solidarity and teamwork, to be willing to change and let go of structures that are no longer appropriate, to deepen in the true meaning of religious life identity, and so much more.  We can ask ourselves, how does the experience of our sisters in Algeria reflect some of the realities we face today?

(See the attached two letters in PDF.)