The international community of the Mother House celebrated St. Mary Euphrasia


One year after the 150th anniversary of the death of St. Mary Euphrasia, the Sisters of the International Community and the Sisters of the Site in the Mother House gave thanks to the Lord….

“What are we doing in this world and why are we here, if not to contribute to the salvation of persons” S.M.E.

On the 24th of April 2018 the whole Congregation celebrated the 150th anniversary of the death of St. Mary Euphrasia and to commemorate this occasion the spirituality Centre sent to the Provinces a third reflection with the theme “Our Mission is alive today” with the request that each Province at the end of the year have a celebration to recommit themselves to our mission today and to send us a summary which we will carry in procession to the tomb of St. Mary Euphrasia as a sign that following in her footsteps, our Mission is alive today.

We were very happy that some provinces sent us a summary as foreseen and we organised a celebration in our chapel which included evening prayer and also a thanksgiving litany for the heritage that we have received as a Congregation  which has been passed on from generation to generation. Thanks to the vision and the initiatives of our Sisters and mission partners during these hundred and fifty years, the mission has stayed alive by adapting to changing needs and reading the signs of the times. During the time of giving thanks we tried to remember the new faces of our different missions across the world and we remembered the words of St. Mary Euphrasia who invites us to continue the mission with zeal:

“We are in this new work; look….we have a long way to go; vast fields open to us in the horizon.”(Letter of St. Mary Euphrasia to Sr. Stanislas Bedouet in 1835)

After our prayer we went in procession to the tomb of St. Mary Euphrasia singing the Magnificat and we placed the Booklet containing the reports of the Provinces on the altar of the Chapel of the Immaculate Conception.. At the end we recited together the aspirations of Mary Euphrasia.

“Each of us stands at the gate of tomorrow facing the future. At times we have walked in wonder and awe; at other times we have moved along in the flood of fears. ..Always, in both our knowing and our unknowing we are escorted into tomorrow, by One who will give us all that we need.”  (Phillip Pinto- General Chapter 2015)