Transformative Communities: Passionately Committed to Learning “ There is an angel that bends over and whispers ‘Grow, Grow.’" (Talmud ) In the history of human culture, from the Talmud’s ancient instruction to grow to the contemporary concept of learning communities, we see the consistent mandate... suite
Sr. Jane Nway Nway Ei from Myanmar, in the Province of East Asia, arrived in Rome in September 2018 to commence the two-year Licentiate in Safeguarding of Minors at the Pontifical Gregorian University. She graduated in June 2020 and, on return to her province in September, will work with the... suite
Sr. Roshanthi Ranwatta from Sri Lanka, Province of Sri Lanka-Pakistan, Sr. Hortense Prosper Aime Saholinirina from Madagascar, District of The Isles, and Sr. Marie Jean Bae from Korea, Province of North East Asia, arrived in Rome in January 2020 to begin the five-month Program for the Preparation... suite
Our 8 th, and final, ICA was also our largest with over 350 participants of Sisters and Partners in Mission coming from Asian countries. Speakers from every country shared many insights and questions about the information presented and all agreed, the experience was very helpful. All teams involved... suite
ICA 7 united 150 Spanish and Portuguese speaking participants from the South American countries of Chile, Argentina, Brazil, Paraguay, Uruguay and Bolivia. Both Sisters and Partners in Mission expressed much enthusiasm for helping identify future directions in the Congregation as we prepare for our... suite
ICA 6, presented in the English, Portuguese, Spanish and Italian languages, united approximately 100 Sisters and Partners in Mission from Mozambique, Italy, Malta, Spain, Angola and Portugal. Although the languages were different, participant responses were similar as this experience raised a... suite
“One town, one foundation cannot satisfy your zeal. It must embrace the whole world.” Conferences of St Mary Euphrasia, page 163. Our fifth ICA included participants from Canada, the United States and Great Britain. Once again, we had wonderful participation and excitement with the learning and... suite
"A life that has sprung up vigorously like the grain of wheat that is buried in the ground and bears fruit in abundance." Antonia Luzmila Rivas López, born on June 13, 1920 in the province of Parinacochas, Ayacucho, Peru, was the first child of a large family of 11 siblings, all born in Coracora... suite
We arrived at the half way point with ICA 4. The sharing and ambiance was energetic and filled with commitment. We had 150 Sisters and Partners in Mission participating. They, as well as our Japanese translator, came from the provinces of Australia/New Zealand, Northeast Asia, Singapore/Malaysia... suite
Almost 200 Sisters and Partners in Mission from Lebanon, Syria, Egypt, Burkina Faso, Les Iles, Senegal, Europe BFMN and the novices from the international novitiate in Rome participated in ICA 3. Despite the geographic distances between countries and needing a virtual meeting, participants... suite