ICA 2 included Sisters and Partners in Mission from 5 Spanish speaking provinces with approximately 300 people. Participation was enthusiastic and many helpful comments and insights were contributed by people in all countries. Feedback from participants revealed they enjoyed this experience and... suite
IMANE FAROUK Province Leader Égypte - Soudan Sr. Imane has been appointed the Province Leader of Egypt-Sudan. The Chapter of the Province was held in Cairo, Egypt from August 10 to 15, 2020. Sr. Imane was born in Egypt on October 10, 1976. She made her first profession on December 14, 1998 and her... suite
ICA 1 was a rewarding experience for all participants, Sisters and Partners in Mission, as we prayed, shared insights and reflections and had an opportunity to meet virtually rather than face to face. While this last part was so different from past ICA’s, it allowed more participants to be involved... suite
Part of a conversation with Sister Antoinette Assaf, responsible of St. Antoine Dispensary with L'Osservatore Romano "Earlier, I heard a small explosion. I was resting as I took a little break from work. Suddenly, a big roar. I live on the fifth floor of a building that houses the Saint-Antoine... suite
Novena in honor of Saint John Eudes During the month of August, the Congregation of Jesus and Mary (Eudist Fathers) have honored its founder, by setting the ambiance with messages, letters, emails, images and videos shared among those incorporated, candidates and associates, as well as those... suite
It seems that the time has not yet come to hang our panels “ danger past ” alluding to Covid 19. It is because of this insecurity that we still witness countless signs of heroic humanity towards those who lack practically the mere necessity for their livelihood…I am not saying “ they lack the... suite
Mission in times of pandemic. Jujuy community. Argentina-Uruguay Unit As soon as the Covid 19 pandemic compulsory quarantine started, our community, spurred on by the "zeal that never says enough", considered some initiatives, such as offering to shop for some elderly neighbors, etc. A time without... suite
Nestled in a lush landscape, the city of Bobo-Dioulasso is located in the south-west of Burkina Faso. Similar to much of western Africa, the people here are known for their great ethnic and religious tolerance and the city’s tree-lined streets bustle with the sounds of different languages and... suite
Virtues attributed to Aguchita Emanuele Spedicato and Waldery Hilgeman 13 June 2020 E: Blessed is she, Aguchita, who modelled for us the scripture readings of today. In the eyes of those who knew her, there is no doubt that Sister Aguchita lived the three evangelical counsels with steadfast... suite
Webinars based on the 2019 Supplement to the 2014 Formation Guidelines UPDATE INFORMATION Dear Sisters and Partners in Mission, We are happy to send you the transcripts of the recordings of the Conversation with Br. Philip Pinto which was held on 12 May. For the first Webinar, these are available... suite