Love, the Heart of the Universe. Second week


This week we experienced our presenters, Monica Brown and Hilary Musgrave together with Sr. Brigid and Sr. Angela, creatively led us to reflect on the story of creation and the principles of the universe.

With the help of music song and dance, we were invited to open our hearts and minds to the beauty of creation and to the wonder of our ever-expanding universe. We were gently led through a reflection on creation as told in Genesis and we recalled other creation stories and myths remembering that they hold a truth for us.  We then moved, through video and song, to the amazing love story of God’s creation as told by present day science and cosmology. In Laudato Si, Pope Francis attests to the validity and centrality of this universe story in our Catholic/Christian theology of creation.  He presents the universe as God’s love letter to us.  (Laudato Si 85) In and through its manifold relationships the universe reveals the riches of God’s love. (Laudato Si 86)


Over three days we reflected on three basic principles of the universe and connected them with Scripture and our founding story. The Principles are as follows:

  1. Differentiation- the entire created universe is different and unique.  No two things are the same.
  2. Interiority- all creation has inner creativity and consciousness.
  3. Communion – everything is connected and interdependent.



We realize that incarnation is much wider than the belief that God became human 2,000 years ago.  Jesus is the fullest and most complete incarnation of God in human form.  Yet God has been present throughout the whole story of the universe. As written by Pope Francis in Laudato Si, 233, “the universe unfold in God who fills it completely.” 


Participants throughout the week were given the opportunity for personal reflection, sharing in small and large groups as well as journal writing, dance and art work.  Daily reflections by Fr. Jim Conlon and weekly mentoring sessions helped the participants to integrate new learnings.


Next week we look forward to Sr. Mary Ellen Sheehan IHM who will present “The Cosmic Christ and the Preaching, Healing Jesus.”