Love, the Heart of the Universe Week 9




As we began our last week, we welcomed Marco Casavecchia from GSIF in Rome who is the director of capacity development.  Marco introduced a self-directed learning process to help the participants continue their learning after they return home. The group practiced the use of the template Marco presented and were helped to work through questions raised.

The participants also reflected on a process of sharing with their formator or contact person. It calls for a review of the 8 weeks spent in Angers, challenging them to look at how they experienced this time at a deep personal level.

The participants enjoyed a day of reflection helping them integrate all they learned during the past weeks.

Sr. Ellen Kelly joined the group for a time of open conversations. There was lively sharing on various topics.  She encouraged them to continue their learning and added, “I hope you will have the opportunity to continue to have meaningful conversations that will help you grow in your love of God and for all that God loves”.

The final ritual consisted of a Eucharistic celebration followed by a missioning ceremony through the Green Door.  Each participant was presented with a packet of earth from Ri and salt from Noirmoutier as a reminder of our foundational stories. All were invited to be deeply rooted in the Great Heart of God, and called to love, transforming the universe by being a compassionate presence wherever we are.