Love, the Heart of the Universe. Week Three


Following on last week’s presentation on the Creation Story and the Principles of the Universe, we continued reflecting on and examining the roles of both science and religion with regard to the story of creation.   Sr. Mary Ellen Sheehan IHM explained that there are three approaches as to how science and religion relate to each other:

●     conflict and suspicion between science and religion

●     Each discipline works separately disregarding the discoveries of each other.

●     co-relating – in relationship and in dialogue, both enrich each other. This approach is more commonly experienced today. 


In that spirit of co-relating, we reviewed the Universe Story and the Genesis story.

We viewed a video “Cosmic Voyage”, with an awareness that science gives an accurate account of the evolution of the universe from the great flaring forth to an ongoing unfolding universe. Our reflection on Genesis revealed the search of the people of the Old Testament with the knowledge they had at that time.  It is only in the 20th century that given new technology, we have a more accurate scientific description of the universe.  In both stories we experience a caring and profoundly loving God.


We moved to reflecting on Jesus as the Cosmic Christ present since the beginning and throughout the entire history of the universe. Jesus is both the Incarnate human one and the eternal Cosmic Christ. Christ is wherever the material and the divine co-exist- which is always and everywhere.


Using the gospel of John we reflected and contemplated on Jesus as prophet, healer and friend and examined the fact that the gospel continues to be written in the lives and ministries of each participant. Our chaplain Fr. Jim composed the following poem reflecting the input of our week.



Gaze into mystery

allow your heart to swell

mind to open

soul to grow.


Ponder the face of Jesus

listen to Pope Francis

discover God

in our flawed and fractured world.


Follow the promptings of the Spirit

in the midst of each new moment

experience the fireball in your heart

from silent depths of wonder will flow the energy of love.




In glorious sunshine, our pilgrimage to Noirmoutier brought us through the Gois and to the childhood places so dear to Mary Euphrasia.  Our Eucharistic celebration in Bois de la Chaise overlooking the sea helped deepen our awareness of the presence of God in all of creation.