Province Leader of Central East India/Nepal

Pushpa Louis
Province Leader
Province of Central East India/Nepal




Sr. Pushpa Louis was elected Province Leader of the Province of Central East India/Nepal on 21st November, 2019. Her mandate will begin on 5th January, 2020. The Province Chapter was held at the Provincialate in Nagpur, Maharashtra, India from 16th to 23rd November, 2019.

Pushpa was born in Kadiapatnam, Tamil Nadu in 1966 and entered the Congregation in Bangalore, in 1985. She made her perpetual profession in 1993. Pushpa obtained a Certificate in Social Work, a Bachelor’s degree in 1998, Master’s Degree in Sociology in 2001 and a Law Degree in 2008.

Pushpa has a long history of social work having worked in the rural area with the aboriginal people for 12 years. In Maharashtra she helped in developing the ministry with women involved in prostitution.  She is very commit to Social and Economic Justice and passionate in promoting Partnership.

She has held leadership positions as Local Leader and was on the previous Province Leadership Team. She also served on the Preparation Committee for the 2014 Inter-Continental Assembly.

The members of her Leadership Team are: Annie Thomas, Kala Hermanajilt, Mary Jose and Shanthi Jeganathan.