“To live is to change, and to be perfect is to have changed often”. J.H. Newman Today is the Canonization of Cardinal John Henry Newman. In this occasion, we remember our seventh Congregational Leader Sister Mary Thomas Aquinas Lee, Newman’s cousin. Agnes Lee, the youngest of four children, was... suite
During the General Assembly of Talitha Kum, Sr Claude Naddaf from Lebanon / Syria Province presented to Pope Francis a plaque showing the network of "Wells of Hope" in the Middle East. The Pope blessed the work of the Network and also gave his Blessing to all the peoples of the region. The pope... suite
Dear Aguchita, The secret of your strength was found in "... communion with the Word and the Eucharist ..." that took you to "... live full days ..." you instilled wisdom and prudence to soften and transform the hearts of young women, whom you loved with a predilection Love led you to live in... suite
“Migrants are persons… They are the symbol of all those rejected by today’s globalized society… The weakest and most vulnerable must be helped… This is a tremendous responsibility, from which no one is exempt if we wish to fulfill the mission of salvation and liberation. - Pope Francis, July 8,... suite
As Mission Partner... The Chapter theme and logo invite us: To a deeper consciousness of God's presence: God's presence is within us. God's presence is around us within the nature we set our eyes on. God's presence is in those whom we form a community with God's presence is in our companion... suite
“It will take a great deal more discernment – understanding of what is at stake spiritually, theologically, politically, and economically – to move from the ideal to its translation and into lifestyle and ministry.”[ 1 ] This quote is foundational to transformative communities. It names the... suite
In 2008, the Sisters of Our Lady of Charity of the Good Shepherd created the Good Shepherd International Foundation (GSIF), to write a new and ambitious chapter in the history of the Congregation, inspired by St. John Eudes and founded by St. Mary Euphrasia. In the past decade, the visionary zeal... suite
One year after the 150th anniversary of the death of St. Mary Euphrasia, the Sisters of the International Community and the Sisters of the Site in the Mother House gave thanks to the Lord…. “What are we doing in this world and why are we here, if not to contribute to the salvation of persons” S.M.E... suite
offering systemic and innovative approaches to shape an evolving society From Community Works, INC Website By Mark Clarke Society needs transformative communities that seek the common good, as the rhetoric and choices of many nations is becoming more tribal. Transformative communities are... suite
Our Lady of Charity of the Good Shepherd European Project With the ongoing migration discussions still at the top of the European agenda and the need to strengthen collaboration, awareness and learning across OLCGS apostolates in Europe, this Gathering was organised in the frame of the European... suite