The RIMOA - EUROPE Regional Formation Core Team met in Johannesburg- South Africa from the 16 – 21stAugust 2018. One person from 6 RIMOA Units  (Angola- Mozambique, ECAP, Isles, Lebanon -Syria, Egypt-Sudan and South Africa) representing their formation teams and the Europe representative for formation participated. A representative from the RIMOA leaders and our RIMOA link Councilor were also present.

As several new sisters joined the team this year it was important to review the history of the RIMOA - EUROPE Regional Formation Core Team and to situate it within the Congregational structure. 




Getting to know one another and the different province realities were particularly helpful in facilitating team building and a foundation upon which to talk more about the impact of culture in the work of formation and community living. 

A day of reflection with a short input session, “How to form authentic Religious in our cultural and economic environment”,from Fr Innocent Mabheka SCJ reinforced the importance of the need for continued discussion around culture. 



In response to the RIMOA Unit Leaders’ request to consider ways of deepening the experience and learning from training offered in Angers 2016 and Kenya 2017 a questionnaire was sent to all participants, sisters and mission partners, in order to evaluate the learning experience.  The team reviewed the questionnaires and drew up a number of recommendations to the RIMOA leaders as possible ways of continuing the process of assimilation.  

Time was also given to share something of the Region’s experience of Circles of Conversation, a tool developed in 2017 by the three International Committeesto support continued congregational dialogue pertaining to community for mission, formation and partnership for mission as directed by the CLT and Congregational Chapter Statement 2015.     

During a free day the team joined the tourist trail and had an opportunity to visit, by means of ‘Hop-on Hop-off’ bus Soweto, Late President Nelson Mandela’s house, Hector Pietersen Memorial museum, Constitution Hill and to hear an account of many other important historical incidents in the life of South Africa.   It was a very enriching day.

The meeting provided opportunities to reflect together on the lived experience of formation, to share both the joys and challenges and to begin to articulate other regional formation needs.  

The team was especially grateful for the very generous hospitality provided by our sisters in South Africa wherein every sister on the formation team felt warmly welcomed. 

Prepared by Alfonsa Sudaryanti & Francis Lynch