Senegal in process of drawing up the strategic plan

The community of Senegal in process of drawing up the strategic plan


Since Monday 21, while the country was still vibrating to the rhythm of the National Pilgrimage at the foot of Our Lady of the Deliverance of Popenguine, Simone and Marco de GSIF arrived to work some days on the strategic plan of our community.

Tuesday was planned for communities’ visit, not too distant to facilitate the integration of Marco because Simone had already visited the Communities in December 2017.

The days from Wednesday to Friday, saw the participation of all the Sisters to live this process of strategic planning. After a time of prayer on the aspirations of SME, we spent the word of welcome and the presentation of the schedule of 3 days. Then we had an original presentation of Simone and Marco about the Sisters and their places of mission. Then we were shown a slideshow based on the strong ideas of SJE (Special Wishes), SME (Conferences), the Declarations of our General Chapter and CAO “communities of West Africa” Assembly related to the strategic plan, in order to have the common vision and the fresh awareness of why we have apostolates as Congregation. A rich exchange follows to gradually answer these 3 questions: why, how, what. These questions are the subject of the rest of our reflection.



RGS SENEGAL around the well in the afternoon, while the heat was being felt.


Marco and Simone are brave to experience the heat.
This good working time was lived at the Training House of West African Communities in Mbour.