Moliehi Juliet Khasoane Unit Leader Community of South Africa The Sector Assembly of South Africa was held from the 10-14 October 2019 in Pretoria, South Africa. Sr. Moliehi Juliet Khasoane was appointed as the New Unit leader (Local Leader) of the Community of South Africa. She began her mandate... suite
Marie Stella Heeyun Rhee Province Leader Province of Northeast Asia Sister Marie Stella Rhee was elected the Province Leader of Northeast Asia. Her mandate will begin on 21 st January 2020. The Province Chapter was held in Chuncheon, Korea, from 10 th to 18 th October 2019. Stella was born in Seoul... suite
The Province held its Chapter in Germany from 29 September to 6 October. The new Leadership Team 2020-2023: Left to right: Sisters.Hedwig Ortkemper, Daniela Kubiak, M.Cordis Ganslmeier, Province Leader (second term), M.Brigitte Bindl, and Adelgund Philipp. Their mandate begins February 8th 2020... suite
Sandra Suárez Cordero Province LEADER Bolivia/Chile Sister Sandra Suárez Cordero was elected by the Chapter on the 20 th October, on the Congregational feast of the Divine Heart of Jesus, during the third Province Chapter of Bolivia/Chile, in the house of “Retiro San José” in Malloco. Sister Sandra... suite
The Good Shepherd Congregation has a twofold reason to celebrate. This year is the 165 th anniversary of St. Mary Euphrasia’s purchase of St. Nicholas Abbey. We are also in the midst of preparing for the millennium celebration of the Abbey. The remembrance of these two historic events invites us to... suite
Transformative Communities Series: Contemplative Presence in an Era of Complexity When one reflects on contemplative presence, there is a tendency to focus from the lens of the interpersonal rather than communal. This article explores the power of the Transformative Community to be instruments of... suite
Dear Sisters and Mission Partners, As the Congregation moves forward to implement the Child Safeguarding Policy, there will be a position on the congregational level for someone to be the Coordinator. This position is open to anyone associated with the congregation and the necessary skills. In... suite
“To live is to change, and to be perfect is to have changed often”. J.H. Newman Today is the Canonization of Cardinal John Henry Newman. In this occasion, we remember our seventh Congregational Leader Sister Mary Thomas Aquinas Lee, Newman’s cousin. Agnes Lee, the youngest of four children, was... suite
During the General Assembly of Talitha Kum, Sr Claude Naddaf from Lebanon / Syria Province presented to Pope Francis a plaque showing the network of "Wells of Hope" in the Middle East. The Pope blessed the work of the Network and also gave his Blessing to all the peoples of the region. The pope... suite
Dear Aguchita, The secret of your strength was found in "... communion with the Word and the Eucharist ..." that took you to "... live full days ..." you instilled wisdom and prudence to soften and transform the hearts of young women, whom you loved with a predilection Love led you to live in... suite