Article by Joyce Meyer , Global Sisters Report. A choir of young women in Good Shepherd ministries in Sri Lanka open the July 30 webinar on the rights of girls in Asia and the Pacific. (GSR screenshot) I will never forget the first time I landed at the airport in Bangkok in 2001. Walking through... suite
“The saints now in God’s presence preserve their bonds of love and communion with us.” (Gaudete et Exsultate, #4) "Rejoice and be glad" (Mt 5:12) Rome, 22 May 2021 Dear Sisters and Mission Partners, It is with great joy that we inform you that today Pope Francis authorized the Congregation for the... suite
Prayer after supper, in the Manuel de prières à l’usage d’une communauté ecclésiastique, OEuvres Complètes, t. III, p. 310-311. Hail Joseph, image of God the Father, Hail Joseph, father of God the Son, Hail Joseph, temple of the Holy Spirit Hail Joseph, beloved of the Holy Trinity, Hail Joseph,... suite
The Spirituality Centre was keen to organize its traditional exhibition of cribs of the world in spite of the health context. It should have opened on 29 th November, but due to the government announcements and the closure of the cultural sites, we were not able to welcome the public. However, the... suite
Sr. Yvonne Clemence Bambara from the Bobo-Dioulasso Community in Burkina Faso, part of the Communities of West Africa, arrived in Ireland in September 2019 to commence the Religious Formation Ministry Programme, offered by the Irish Missionary Union at Loreto House in Dublin. During the year, she... suite
Sr. Lakshmi with her student class outside the Pontifical Gregorian University in Rome. Sr. Lakshmi Fernando from the Province of Sri Lanka/Pakistan arrived in Rome in January 2020 to study the semester-long Renewal Program for Missionaries at the Pontifical Gregorian University. During that time,... suite
“Our task is enormous…To look at all that has gone before us, and to recognize that each one of us, however small, has a unique task in co-creation a unique contribution to make in the world and to humanity” (Bass 267) God created the world in seven days, so goes the Genesis story in the Judeo-... suite
Transformative Communities: Passionately Committed to Learning “ There is an angel that bends over and whispers ‘Grow, Grow.’" (Talmud ) In the history of human culture, from the Talmud’s ancient instruction to grow to the contemporary concept of learning communities, we see the consistent mandate... suite
Sr. Jane Nway Nway Ei from Myanmar, in the Province of East Asia, arrived in Rome in September 2018 to commence the two-year Licentiate in Safeguarding of Minors at the Pontifical Gregorian University. She graduated in June 2020 and, on return to her province in September, will work with the... suite
Sr. Roshanthi Ranwatta from Sri Lanka, Province of Sri Lanka-Pakistan, Sr. Hortense Prosper Aime Saholinirina from Madagascar, District of The Isles, and Sr. Marie Jean Bae from Korea, Province of North East Asia, arrived in Rome in January 2020 to begin the five-month Program for the Preparation... suite