Spiritual leadership, transformative leadership, Peru 2017


On November 11 we started, I think we can call this session, the way of "transformation by the Spirit".
In response to the call of the Congregational Leadership Team, we have gathered the Leadership Teams of 6 Provinces: Angola, Central America, Colombo Venezolana, Ecuador, Portugal and Southeast Latin America.

The symbol of the meeting has helped us to deepen the experience of being leaders at the present time. Like the butterfly, which, starting from being a caterpillar goes through a complete transformation process until it reaches the flying stage, we have been invited to become aware of the need to enter into a process of transformation to be spiritual leaders and to enter the discipleship school of Jesus the Good Shepherd.
Sisters Ellen Kelly and Susana Franco of the CLT helped us to reflect deeply into the articles of the Constitutions that refer to the provincial government. We were invited to learn and walk together in this journey of transformation.

Sister Teresinha Mendosa (Franciscan Sisters of Mary Immaculate) the facilitator has helped us to enter into the ambiance of the meeting.
The presentation made by the provincial teams, based on work done before coming to the meeting, has made us aware of the change of leadership role within the last 10 years with its lights and shadows, its challenges, but also what encourages us to continue walking with a vision of the future.

Brother Hugo Cáceres, provincial of the Latin American Region and member of the Congregation of the Brothers of the Christian Schools, focussing on the leadership model of Pope Francis, has helped us to become more aware of the need to enter into the process of transformation, which in some circumstances means challenging established structures and leadership models. We have had long moments for personal reflection and sharing as provincial teams, to look at where we are as teams in the growth of spiritual leadership. I can say that sharing in an environment of attentive listening and respect, in sincere and open dialogue is allowing us to consolidate and strengthen as a team. Brother Hugo finished his two day session with an invitation to give ourselves time as a team to define goals and values ​​to continue building the Kingdom of God.

On this journey undertaken there is no going back; we are called to renounce and transform ourselves into Jesus to continue to be witnesses of His mercy in the world.