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A Living Story at the heart of Good Shepherd Mission NOvember 2012

Submitted by: francoise
On: 06/11/2012

Susan Chia & Elaine Basinger,  Facilitators, Teresita Figueroa, Coordinator, Maria and Josita, interns,  Sandra, Dhammi, Agnes and Florence, the preparatory committee of Asia Pacific Formators’ session are here  in Tagaytay as we prepare for Module 2 of Asia Pacific Formators’ session.  We begin the programme on 7th November and will end on 7th December.

Week One
The second module of the Asia Pacific Formators’ session began as we reentered the sacred space of conversation. We welcomed each other in this sacred space with the arch dance as we reentered into deeper relationship acknowledging our interconnectedness.

Week two - The three principles of the Holistic Model

On 15 November, after our rest day, we began the second week of weaving the holistic approach of formation. We deepened our learning of the story of the universe with its 3 principles namely differentiation, interiority and communion.We related these 3 principles to the holistic model as the  guiding values in both our inner and outer journey of formation and how they are inviting us to unfold into the future.

Week Two - Part 2
The three principles of the Holistic Model

As you awaken to the mystery of God, mystery of oneness, what question/s is/are evoked in you? Take this question on a walk and present your question to some part of creation. I sat in the midst of nature – among the trees, plants, flowers and creatures and sought ‘the question’ as I pondered the three principles of the universe - differentiation, interiorzation and communion.

Week 3 -23 - 28 November

In the third week of the Formators’ Training session we moved into addressing the areas we need to shift in formation. Pat Farrell’s article on ‘Navigating the shifts’ was our point of reference as she highlighted the 4 areas for the future of religious life as  contemplation, prophetic voice, community learning together and solidarity with the marginalized.


Week 4 -24  November  - 7 December


In the last week of module two, we welcomed our unit leaders into the sacred space of conversation. We shared in an experiential and creative way our significant learnings of module two. It was for us a time of sharing our emerging stories of formation – the shifts that are taking place within us as we move towards transformation.