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Good Shepherd sisters and Mission Partners gathered in Quito Ecuador for the second Intercontinental Assembly. August 25 – September 5

Submitted by: francoise
On: 25/08/2014

Sisters and Mission Partners welcoming each other
85   Participants, Apostolic, Contemplative sisters and mission partners from 27 countries of United States and Latin America gathered in Quito Ecuador to participate in the second Ica Americas Meeting. Each one received a personalized letter from St. Mary Euphrasia  and  saint John Eudes , a beautiful bag ( designed by Sr Sylvia Lopez from Ecuador) embroided with the logo of the Congregation , a file and a pen.

Sr Judy Mannix welcomed the participants of Ica Americas in Quito and wished the assembly a time of rejoicing and a time to renew our commitment. She reminded us that it is an historic meeting because it is the first ICA with our Mission Partners and our new sisters since the Reunification.

A great applause and a little gift were offered to our new sisters who came from Mexico and Central South United States. Then Sr Judy proceeded in introducing the Ica committee and the other members (resources persons)

The  Facilitator:  Sister Elena Martinez- Franciscan  from Calfornia

The Secretary: Sister Digna Maria 

The  translator: Daniella Persia

The  presenter:  Sister Rekha  Chenattu,  Assumptionist sister From India

The  communication Coordinator: Sr. Marie Françoise Mestry

She then informed us that there is a wellness room ( for massage and Tai chi)

 An art Room  to relax ourselves.

A Market place where sisters from different units could put their items for sale .

After this, Sr Clemencia warmly welcomed the assembly in the name of the province of Ecuador and said that it was an historical moment and that we are united in the heart of Mary Euphrasia and john Eudes.

Then the ICA Committee was presented to the assembly and appreciation was expressed   for all the work they had done in preparation for this meeting. Giovanna Acosta from the ICA Committee gave some practical details for the smooth functioning of the Assembly.