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Submitted by: francoise
On: 16/02/2013


The Planning Committee for the Formators’ Session taking place in Chile, welcomed the participants to the
2nd Module. The facilitators Susan Chia and Elaine Basinger were also welcomed.

Week 1

It is with joy and happiness we meet again at the Formators’ Sessions for the second module of the Holistic Process in Malloco-Chile.  Here we have shared how God has been working in our lives.  Through the Sacred Space God invites us to renew ourselves in the second holistic module. 

Week II
In this second week we began with a theological reflection on Thomas Berry’s three principles of the universe: differentiation, interiority and communion. These principles show us the direction in which the universe is being developed in a transformative process, like that which is experienced in the holistic model.

Week III

After a day of rest and of connection with nature and the cosmos around us, we began the third week of our session. We were invited to live communion as we are, putting our talents at the service of the mission.

Week IV

“Take off your shoes because the place where you stand is  holy ground” with these words we invited our Unit Leaders to come together through the tunnel of hope into a sacred space where we shared the bread of the word, our process of transformation, our dreams and the challenges that face the region of the Americas.

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