The character of being a leader has to do with forgiveness, love, common goal.. By Sister Lydicia Letlaka

Sr Anne Josephine Carr




Oh what’s a privilege we, the sisters from RIMOA had from the source, Sr. Anne Josephine Carr RGS on taking us on the leadership of our dear mother foundress, St. Mary Euphrasia. Our hearts were indeed electrified as Sr. Anne Josephine expressed her audacity for the congregation. The leader is not born, the leader is made! She meant that realism, humanity and more training to equip the leader to be more effective are essential to become a leader. The leader has to know her weaknesses and be comfortable that “she is not miss know- it- all”. A leader has to have people to lead and therefore her leadership will always be challenged by those she leads.

 The sisters from RIMOA region felt the life of St. Mary Euphrasia so enlivened as Sr. Anne Josephine spoke with passion and expressions of how St. Mary Euphrasia possessed her sisters’ hearts in her leadership. We went into groups to discuss leadership in our provinces and we discovered that the character of being a leader has to do with forgiveness, love, caring, common goal, sense of belonging and many more. This was followed by the community living. Sr. Anne Josephine challenged us when she said our communities should enhance the mission. Never to be confused by common life, community life is more of the structure that frees us for the mission. We also looked into where do we place our mission partners in our own provinces? We still have to work more on this as to let our charism live while we can.

In return we expressed our gratitude to sr. Anne Josephine for especially taking her time to prepare and explain Leadership of St. Mary Euphrasia and making it so alive to us today.