Lectio Divina




He wakens me morning by morning, wakens my ear to listen like one being instructed. Isaiah 50, 4

So is the invitation that is addressed to me through the practice of Lectio Divina. It gives me a daily communion with my beloved Lord who becomes my guideline in response to the question I ask myself. How does this word received influence my everyday life?


This time provides me strength, blessing and comfort

Every morning before we meet in plenary, we gather in language groups around the Word of God. This time of prayer and sharing are for me very rewarding and significant whereby each of us expresses what touched her and how this word becomes a commitment. This time provides for  me a strength, blessing and   comfort for the day. Only the word of God renews me and gives my life meaning.


 This sharing reminded us of the early Christian community

The idea of using Lectio Divina help us a lot as a group. Listening together to the word of God is enriching to us all. Listening to each one’s reflection with attention and openness during the sharing time also enriched all of us. This sharing reminded us of the early Christian community whereby all the listeners gathered together and shared the word of GOD. As the believers of today, we continue to listen to the word of God together.


Listening to each other’s spiritual thoughts give us zeal for the day.

Every morning we have a great experience of sharing the word of God.  It is a very enriching experience because listening to each other’s spiritual thoughts  give us zeal for the day.

  We use the Gospel of the day and  It is very impressive because with the experience of Lectio divina we become very close to each other in the group.  This a very good experience for me and for others.



I am grateful to have Lectio Divina as a group here at the Mother House. It helps me to renew my relationship with God and to meditate on the daily Gospel.