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Sister Melitta Fragner was appointed Province Leader of Österreich/Schweiz/Czech for a term of six years. Her mandate will begin on 8th December 2011. The Province Chapter was held in Innsbruck, Austria from 7th to 17th October 2011.
Melitta was born in Schwanenstadt, Austria, on 7th November 1945. She made her perpetual profession on 30th August 1975.
Melitta has pursued studies in the fields of domestic sciences, psychology and education theory, leadership training, and theology. She is fluent in English and also speaks French.
Her apostolic experiences include: group director in different residential centers for girls, teacher of domestic sciences and education theory, and ministry with single mothers and children. Her current ministry is with the Good Shepherd International Justice and Peace Office, as the UN representative in Vienna, focusing on human trafficking issues. Over the years, Melitta has also served in various congregational ministries including:local leader, province councilor and province leader.

Melitta’s email: rgs.melitta@aon.at

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