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The origins of the Good Pastor in Ecuador are in the city of Quito, precisely in the buildings of ancient dominican Recoleta, on August 22nd, 1871.

 Foundation was accomplished at the request of the president de la République, the Dr Gabriel García Moreno. It is it which entrusted to the archbishop of Quito, José Ignacio Checa y Barba, makes responsible her for concluding the contract in its name with the superior dress rehearsal du Bon pastor, Mère de Saint Pierre Coudenhove.

Persuaded of the importance of this pilot plan for America, and informed about the personality of the Président de l' Équateur, Sœur de Saint Pierre de Coudenhove entrusted the realization of this social work to one of the most flourishing communities. That's how the archbishop Checa asked the Canadian Province of the Good Pastor to send missionary nuns.


The first Canadian sisters who arrived in Ecuador were to the number of six: Marie de St Small Jean de la Croix, Marie de Saint Dosithé Smith, Mary du Bon pastor Oullet, Mary de St Arsène Gradu, Mary de saint Perpétue Gilbaut, Mary de saint Agueda Durocher.

They became established in the home of the nuns of the Sacred Hearts until their final residence is ready. García Moreno made negotiations so that is allocated in new foundation, historical monastery of Recoleta Dominicaine, founded in 1600 by the brother Pedro Bedón of Quito.

  That's how on August 22nd, 1871, the Sisters moved in their nice monastery of Recoleta, at the entrance of the city, at the foot of Panecillo, famous for its popular legends. This monastery remains the silent witness of all jobs which undertook with care, devotion and love, the sisters du Bon pastors. This foundation was the first kernel of mustard seeded on Ecuadoran earth.

 As all writings of God, this foundation was marked with the sign of the crucifix: some days after her arrival, the first superior, Marie de Saint Small Jean de la Croix, died prematurely. But no difficulty could stop the sisters so that the work of mercy of the Good Pastor comes true on Ecuadoran earth.

Social work fulfilled by these audacious missionary develops fast. And in less than one year three sections are created: for the detaining, the little girls and the young persons in trouble.

 On August 10th, 1872, a second group of nuns arrives from Canada. Then in July, 1874, García Moreno will still acquire the visit of four nuns of the monastery of St Louis des États Unis.

 On August 6th, 1875, the president García Moreno is slaughtered for political reasons. This date marks the start of difficulties for the sisters and writings. When bursts Liberal Revolution problems become more high-pitched. However writings continue stretching in all country.

 The number of little girls and young persons of whom the sisters are in charge grows from day to day and places become too narrow and as a result means are lacking them. The sisters then have to resolve to take a boarding school to find new means and better manage the writings of which they were in charge to there in the monastery.

 In September, 1981 a group of five missionary news from States Unis will arrive at Quito.